How Wood County Successfully Transitioned to a Proactive Maintenance Program

Breaking clear of a reactive maintenance period is hard. It could often feel like you’re stuck in quicksand. The harder you make an effort to battle it, the additional in you appear to fall. When you are battling to capture up, the ongoing service requests, function orders, and deferred upkeep just keep turning up. It can feel just like there is no result in sight.

This quicksand feeling is something numerous municipality facilities teams are accustomed to. Often facilities groups are managing a endemic of different building sorts, all usually old and frequently not built designed for their purpose today. With small amenities budgets and a brief history of underfunding several teams find themselves continuously behind the eight golf ball with regards to maintenance. This affects not only the buildings, however the occupants who function there and the city as a whole.

Wood County has been in this exact same position before they made a decision to make a change. Keep reading to observe how they were in a position to break out of these reactive maintenance routine toward a far more proactive strategy that facilitates their community.

Wood County User profile

Wooden County, WI is situated in central Wisconsin in regards to a two hour generate north Madison. Comprised of an accumulation of small communities, Wooden County supplies a picturesque see into Wisconsin coping with a scattering of farms, woods, and lakes. The Wood County facilities group manages a small number of county buildings like the courthouse, jail, two individual care facilities, and some health/human services structures and park buildings. The facilities division is directed by Reuben Van Tassel who offers been with Wooden County since 2016.

THE TASK: Breaking the County Authorities Reactive Maintenance Period

Upon becoming a member of Wood County, Reuben had been immediately confronted with some major issues in keeping the county buildings. “The moment I arrived, I has been seeking to improve our servicing philosophy.” Ageing and underfunded facilities contributed to an extremely reactive, costly, and frustrating maintenance system.

This reactive cycle was only a symptom of the larger issues dealing with Reuben and his group. Having less accurate service and asset data, plus a time-consuming paper procedure for maintenance, managed to get impossible to allow them to ever catch up. Let alone develop out a preventive upkeep program.

Switching From Paper to Software program

Reuben realized he needed a software program solution if his group was ever likely to control their maintenance function. After doing some extensive research, Reuben first opt for more developed CMMS software supplier over AkitaBox to greatly help tackle these difficulties . Going with among the big providers appeared like the right choice at that time, but after obtaining a possiblity to use their program he recognized it didn’t deliver what he required. As it is place by him, “I quickly noticed that the usability of the program was more very important to our section.” Reuben made the decision it wasn’t likely to function and made the change to AkitaBox.

Dedicated Execution and Onboarding Assistance

With AkitaBox, Wood County didn’t simply get better to use software. Within their new client onboarding they obtained guided and completely managed implementation and information collection at no additional cost. AkitaBox specialists walked the Wooden County buildings collecting area and asset data, that was then loaded to their AkitaBox platform. AkitaBox furthermore QR coded major property, so Reuben and his team can simply scan to instantly entry data in the industry.

“The info collection and execution was an enormous benefit. Getting all of the asset information right into a database where one can see it, increase it, and maintain it accurate is indeed valuable.”

Reuben Van Tassel , Facilities Supervisor

This execution and onboarding required minimal work from Reuben and his group, helping save them period and headaches.

Better Data Results in Better Maintenance

With AkitaBox, Reuben has seen large improvements with their asset tracking and function order processing. “AkitaBox will be our one spot to go and discover information like consumer manuals, filtration system sizes, or assigned function orders,” stated Reuben. “We finally get access to accurate gear records,  function orders, and floor programs. That is clearly a huge step for all of us.”

With one of these improved procedures, the Wood County services team has had the opportunity to raised handle their reactive function and focus additional time on preventive servicing. Furthermore, the combination of an improved interface and the constructing floor programs are saving the Wooden County team considerable time within their daily work and contains made onboarding brand-new hires easier.