Hope’s Windows Adds Thermal Evolution Technology To One55 Series

Hope’s Windows, Inc., producer of custom-designed, strong hot-rolled steel and strong bronze door and windows systems, has added doorways and operable home windows with Thermal Evolution™ technologies to its One55™ Group of doors and windows. The One55 Series may be the culmination of over a hundred years of know-how: a complete products that combines the impressive visual appearance of days gone by with the revolutionary thermal technology of today’s.

(Credit: Connie Zhou)

Hope’s Thermal Evolution technology is really a breakthrough solution for hot-rolled, solid steel home windows to meet up stringent energy efficiency requirements increasingly. With Thermal Evolution technologies, all of the intrinsic strengths of strong hot-rolled metal are maintained alongside enhanced thermal performance, exceeding today’s many stringent thermal codes.

A single55 Series doors and windows equipped with Thermal Development technology include a fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) isolator that’s precision-machined to nest perfectly within the hot-rolled strong steel body profiles. This extremely thermally proof FRP isolator will be structurally bonded to the windowpane and doorway frames to produce a powerfully solid and enduring composite structure that delivers amazing thermal efficiency and improved opposition to condensation. With Thermal Development technology, Hope’s traditional strong hot-rolled metal framing profiles stay intact for the entire depth of the home window profile completely, making them more powerful than traditional thermally damaged window and doorway systems significantly.

The discharge of operable steel doors and windows with Thermal Evolution technologies symbolizes the completion of the A single55 Series products; the relative collection now includes a complete suite of steel doors and windows with thermal, hurricane-impact, and blast proof enhancements. The One55 Series reaches the center of Hope’s partnership with historical and landmark committees to protect earlier steel window visual components through the use of particularly designed hot-rolled steel screen profiles, snap-in glazing beads, and matching arrow-shaped muntin bar profiles in fully-welded simulated or real divided lite configurations. This collection replicates the original aesthetic of historic building fenestration while upgrading efficiency and performance to modern standards.

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