Home to office

Rebecca Fairfield, Head of Key Accounts at BRITA VIVREAU shares a few of the key findings of recent research on the go back to any office, including top strategies for improving staff morale and wellbeing

A s we enter the Autumn, nearly all workers are keen because of their work life to come back largely to the true way it had been pre-pandemic. Actually, the BRITA VIVREAU H2O – Home to Office report discovered that over three quarters desire to go back to the workplace for at least a few of the operating week.

However, it’s vital that you remember that not absolutely all employees will undoubtedly be feeling comfortable concerning the news. The reintroduction of office functioning requires time and considered to ensure staff really feel safe and happy time for a more normal method of working, particularly for individuals who might have been on furlough for a few right time.


While hygiene measures are likely to remain the surface of the agenda for most businesses for quite a while, it’s key that employee wellbeing and mental health isn’t overlooked. With poor mental health costing UK businesses £45 million each year and the requirement for support services coming to its highest ever rate, may be the time to assistance your team now. This has to exceed flexible working which includes end up being the norm – the working office itself can’t be ignored.

The study we’ve performed reveals almost three quarters (73 %) of employees will be more likely to depart their job if their workspaces aren’t made with mental health at heart, while 79 % concur that a well-designed office would motivate them to simply accept a working job. At the right time when many industries are usually struggling to recruit, this displays how crucial the working office could be in both retaining staff and attracting talent.

If this wasn’t evidence enough, a recently available research study from the International WELL Building Institute, revealed an organization discovered that by redesigning a wholesome office space it decreased staff turnover by 27 % and absenteeism was 50 % lower than the prior year, again highlighting the amount of of a direct effect the working office might have on morale and wellbeing.


Although there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for prompting employee happiness, by firmly taking a people-first approach, businesses can realize and focus on their staff’s particular needs.

Our research highlighted that 82 % of people want forward to time for the workplace for at the very least some of the operating week with one in two (52 %) revealing they miss socialising with colleagues, one in five miss access high-quality amenities such as for example tea, coffee and filtered water, and 40 % are looking to presenting a separate workspace back forward.

However, this isn’t the case for several and some employees will undoubtedly be feeling disconnected from their companies because of so very long apart, while others may be dreading the idea of the daily commute. That is why it’s so valuable to possess open conversations with employees to greatly help them feel noticed and valued.

With this thought, there are several simple but effective changes businesses can implement to help make the move back to any office more welcoming and attractive on the coming months, concentrating on areas recognized to affect mental wellbeing plus health.

  • Welcome in nature
    You will want to introduce plants to improve oxygen levels at work? With a variety of zero-maintenance options out these don’t have to become additional function there. Also consider natural furnishings like bamboo and cotton rather than synthetic materials and invite the light to complement circadian rhythms.
  • Begin socialising
    Create areas that motivate collaboration and social interaction, such as for example use lounge or rooms areas that remind folks of home. You could even request your employees to create in one item to help to fill the space, developing a talking point in addition to a accepted place making your team feel peaceful.
  • Get going
    Consider developing a one-way system which encourages staff to walk further to obtain round the office – this fits in nicely to any social distancing measures you might want to maintain initially. You might highlight local walks and cycle paths to prompt staff to take pleasure from their full lunch time break by obtaining outside. Providing showers and transforming rooms for staff to utilize would also be considered a welcome introduction by assisting them to utilize their commute to obtain active.
  • Provide accessible comfort control
    Provide staff control over their surroundings with temperature controls on the desks or by providing natural ventilation, not air conditioning just. Develop a sense of privacy and security too by allocating private spaces for employees to store belongings and consider personal calls.
  • Promote rest and relaxation
    Introducing private booths means employees can enter circumstances of deep focus to permit for greater focus on work. Create areas to market relaxation and rest, or encourage meditation and mindfulness even.
  • Boost hydration
    Providing top quality amenities within offices shows employees that their physical and mental wellbeing will be highly valued and, subsequently, can enhance enthusiasm and productivity from your own teams. Water dispensers are usually one of the numerous factors which play a significant role in the amount of comfort and positivity people really feel of their workplace. By selecting an inclusive option like BRITA VIVREAU QUICK ACCESS Panel, which attracts all accessibility needs, not merely are you currently offering your staff excellent facilities but it may also help your organisation create a positive choice for the earth as well through the elimination of single-use plastics within any office environment.

From using inspiration from nature, to developing a workspace that suits different functioning styles, the BRITA VIVREAU H2O – Home to Office report offers practical tips about how businesses can optimise their workspace and ultimately obtain the best out of these workforce. For more information, it is possible to access the report at: https://bit.ly/3meihLA