Hiring for Piano Tuner


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we are searching for Piano Tuner
Places strips of sensed or rubber between strings nearest to string to end up being examined to mute them.

Strikes middle compares and C pitch with that of standard tuning fork. Turns string pin with tuning hammer to regulate tension on string until pitch of string and tuning fork correspond. Tunes staying notes by evaluating them with middle C and one another.
Could make initial adjustment of piano strings in factory.
A piano tuner is somebody who can make minute adjustments to the strain of the strings of a piano, to be able to align the intervals between their tones properly.
You might be necessary to advise clients on buying alternative products also.
Maintain records and expertise regarding the ramifications of temperature and humidity changes on the piano fleet.
Offers specialized piano repair services, including however, not limited by tuning, voicing, regulation, repairs, piano action refurbishing, and preventative maintenance.
Immediate Joiners Needed

Favored Philippines
Immediate Joiners Necessary
Salary depends upon the Experience.
Only the aforementioned experienced candidates will undoubtedly be applicable if not it will be rejected.
Job location : Dubai

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