HEAVYDUTY 20 Anti-Slip Coating

DURABLE 20 from Wooster Items can be an anti-slip coating. It offers higher durability and traction for commercial floors by machining facilities along with other oil-prone areas, in auto services stations where grease and essential oil are common, in ski resorts where flooring are wet normally, and in various other manufacturing/industrial/commercial conditions.

An associate of the Walk-A-Sured® Drinking water Clear Epoxy Program, this eco-friendly, two-element epoxy system satisfies ADA and OSHA specifications, and ASTM slip-resistance specifications. HEAVY DUTY 20 consists of 100% solids, without VOCs or solvents, ensuring compatibility with set up coatings. Water, solvent, and chemical substance resistant Walk-A-Sured Water Apparent HEAVY DUTY 20 includes polymer grit, gives the covering long-lasting additional traction.

Obtainable in one-gallon products, which cover 150 sq . feet to 225 sq . feet, DURABLE 20 can be used with a ¼” nap lint-free of charge epoxy roller. This anti-slip coating cures totally in 6 to 8 hours at ambient temp (77°F). Compatible areas include concrete, metal, wooden, cup, ceramic tile, terrazzo, marble, stone, and installed coatings previously.

Along with DURABLE 20, two some other Walk-A-Sured Water Obvious formulations are for sale to general purpose and particular applications, including swimming pool decks, waterparks, showers, spas, marinas, and indoor/outside surfaces. Walk-a-Sured Water Very clear HEAVY DUTY 20 can be acquired from coatings pool and distributors supply experts nationwide. Dealer territories can be found.

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