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شركة ابوظبي الوطنية للفنادق

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Posted 2021/09/28 08:24:33

Expires 2021-10-03

Ref: JB1100006043


Job Explanation

Emirates National Specifications Classification of Occupations

  • Advising  executive management legalities to protect the passions of the business onall.
  • Provide expert legal discussion  including drafting, evaluation, interpretation and negotiation of varied contracts.
  • Coordinating, supervising and continuously assessing solutions of external lawyer provided to the business alongside the review and authorization of fee expenses.
  • Negotiating, reviewing and preparing key lawful documents like the provision of legal views on the company’s connection and dealings with all stakeholders in the personal or public industry.                   
  • Archiving and managing the company’s crucial legal documents
  • Coordinating sign up and licensing specifications for the business and related entities straight.
  • Reviewing and approving litigation methods with external lawyer on contentious matters associated with the ongoing company .Reviewing and approving just about all paperwork (including statements of state, defence statements, memos, proof) presented by external lawyer to the courts or even any other judicial or even arbitral entity with respect to the company, in discussion with and after acceptance of the CEO.
  • Attending courtroom or arbitration hearings/periods associated with material claims relating to the ongoing company.
  • Administering the problem and cancellation of Powers of Lawyer and any instruments of authority delegation to the officers of the business.                                                          
  • Provide legal services and assistance to                                                                                                                                    
  • Making certain the legal documents along with other contractual files are drafted effectively, examined, interpreted, and vetted.                                         
  • Representing the ongoing company within ensuring the effective handling and winning quality of most negotiations and disputes.
  • examining and

  • Researching implication of situation law, legislation, and regulatory issues that affect the business and reporting them to the CEO back.
  • Provide professional lawful and contract related providers aiming at secure guarding ; making certain the ongoing organization is operating within regulations at all times; provide lawful expertise and guidance to the management upon matters related  to compliance with business laws, drafting and planning of various agreements and the advancement of standard contract types and clauses. The legal services scope addresses reviewing, drafting and negotiating MOU’s, joint ventures, property or land acquisition, structure, engineering, buying, consultancy, lease, sales, transport, catering, retail ,statements establishment and settlement of businesses.


  • Minimum 8 years related experience, a few of which obtained in hospitality /real estate growth. Including 24 months in similar corporate function.
  • Proficiency within English and Arabic.

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Abu Dhabi, UAE


Company (Semi Government -Nearby)



Preferred Applicant

Career Degree
Senior Executive

Yrs of Experience
Min: 8

Bachelor’s diploma


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