GREENGUARD GOLD Thermal Insulation Panels

The SOPRA-XPS products from SOPREMA, Inc.® is really a mixture of extruded polystyrene thermal insulation panels. Manufactured from cellular foam, it really is utilized as thermal insulation for foundations primarily, walls, and inverted roofing techniques, including plaza decks, eco-friendly roofs, and car parking decks.

Because of the density of these closed-cell composition, SOPRA-XPS panels have exceptional opposition to water and drinking water vapor, plus they prevent voids within the insulation. This prevents any uncontrolled motion of atmosphere through the assemblies. These thermal insulation panels may also be with the capacity of withstanding extreme temp changes and freeze-thaw cycles without long lasting damage. Moreover, when subjected to moisture even, SOPRA-XPS resists germs and mold.

SOPRA-XPS panels are usually compliant with the May ULC S701.1 regular because of the next four features: great compressive strength, higher R-value (R-5/”), dimensional stability, and incredibly reduced water absorption. They offer a continuing long-term R-worth (LTTR) of R-5 per inch, at low temperatures even, maintaining their thermal plus mechanical performance through the entire full life associated with the building.

The range in addition has earned GREENGUARD Gold qualification, which incorporates stringent choice criteria and demanding protection factors for volatile natural substance (VOC) emissions. GREENGUARD Gold-certified insulation is area of the remedy for improving indoor quality of air. It ensures that something is appropriate in high-risk environments, such as for example healthcare and colleges facilities.

The SOPRA-XPS series is created without HFC-134a fuel as a blowing broker. This implies the thermal insulation panels could have no influence on the ozone depletion possible and a lower global warming possible (GWP).

“Actually, the effect on the worldwide warming possible is reduced by a lot more than 95%,” mentioned Tom Stuewe, SOPREMA product supervisor for liquid SOPRANATURE and products. “Because of SOPREMA’s revolutionary and exclusive process, the SOPRA-XPS collection contains around 70% recycled content material, making SOPREMA the best XPS insulation manufacturer with regards to recycled articles.”

SOPREMA has produced the following products within the SOPRA-XPS range:

  • SOPRA-XPS 20 is made to insulate above-grade exterior wall space, and residential apps on exterior foundation wall space and under basis slabs.
  • SOPRA-XPS 25 CW is usually for the insulation of cavity wall space, and fits between walls ties due to the thicknesses and sizes. SOPRA-XPS 25 CW will be have scored squared at every 16″ and 24″ lengthwise to facilitate slicing of the panel when it’s being set up between wall structure ties.
  • SOPRA-XPS 30 is made for foundation walls techniques and under cement slabs where in fact the applied loads usually do not exceed 30 psi.
  • SOPRA-XPS 35 will be for the insulation of brand new or refurbished inverted roofs to boost their thermal level of resistance.
  • SOPRA-XPS 40, 60 & 100 were created for heavy load programs requiring high-density insulation. Included in these are inverted roofs, such as for example green roofing and roofs terraces, and certain apps under base slabs that support lifeless or live large loads.

“Its opposition to moisture and drinking water makes SOPRA-XPS a perfect choice in every applications, in areas subjected to moisture even,” Stuewe added. “Even though exposed to moisture, SOPRA-XPS is bacterias and mold resistant.

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