Great tasting, high quality, and natural products such as Irish butter score consumer high-five when eating out

A newly released customer survey reveals just what clients want when eating dinner out this Easter. It discovered:

  • 89% agreed that Irish butter comes with an amazing status for both flavor and high quality.
  • Almost all of us (90%) choose butter to margarine when eating dinner out because of its superior flavor
  • 77% choose butter to margarine since it is considered better high quality
  • Almost all – 91% said clear labelled items were either essential or essential to them when eating dinner out.

The considerable research shows individuals are loving five essential attributes concerning the superior taste, better quality and organic components of Irish butter.

(Source – study results of 275 customers aged 18-75, November 2021)

Consumer Great Fives consist of:

TASTE of butter is recommended over additional spreads

WHOLESOME GOODNESS of genuine Irish creamy milk recommended

Confidence is incredibly high for branded items

WRAP IT UP separately for both hygiene and protection

IRISH foods brands represent top quality within an establishment

Taste remains priority

Nearly all of these who taken care of immediately the study chose butter over margarine, stating they chosen it because of superior flavor (90%), better high quality (77%), and because this is a natural item (75%).

A big majority – 89% – of these who expressed an impression, agreed that Irish butter comes with an amazing popularity for both high quality and taste and even, The Craft Guild of Chefs lately awarded its approved item accreditation to Lakeland Dairies salted and unsalted Pure Irish Butter because of its great taste.

Surging demand for organic and true

Consumers continue steadily to fuel the burgeoning requirement for real and organic food, driving the clear label trend forward, a preference for meals which only have 100 % natural ingredients in them. An impressive 91% of these surveyed said clear labelled goods were possibly important or essential to them when eating dinner out.

Along with 100 % natural ingredients, a brief ingredient list, organic flavours and recognisable basic ingredients are key elements of the clean label tendency.

Butter is manufactured with lotion from the goodness of milk and is usually therefore an ideal fit for customers demanding an all natural product. This is reflected in the buyer survey which showed most customers (82%) preferred butter because of it natural characteristics.

Jean Cattanach, Marketing Controller at Lakeland Dairies notes: “It’s fantastic to see consumers recognising the truly amazing taste and quality of Irish butter. Grass on the Island of Ireland is filled with beta carotene, with a natural yellow pigment. As our Lakeland Dairies’ cows are naturally grass-fed, this creates the stunning yellow colour inside our Pure Irish Butter.”

The buyer survey showed:

  • 91% said ‘clean labelled’ foods were either important or essential in their mind
  • 90% prefer butter to margarine when eating dinner out because of its superior taste
  • 89% of these who expressed an impression agreed that Irish butter comes with an amazing reputation for quality and taste
  • 77% prefer butter to margarine since it is known as better quality
  • 72% prefer individually wrapped portions for hygiene and safety
  • 62% trust branded butters and associate butter mostly with toast and teacakes
  • 60% think Irish butter represents an improved high quality of establishment

(Supply – Lakeland Dairies consumer study of 275 UK customers aged 18-75, Nov 2021)

With a proud heritage in dairy farming, Lakeland Dairies is really a 100% farmer-possessed and maintained Irish dairy co-operative, whose items are produced from high-high quality milk from the lush natural pastures of its 3,200 loved ones farms.

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