GRAHAM extends water hygiene deal

Northern Ireland’s Southern Eastern Health insurance and Social Care Believe in (SEHSCT) has awarded amenities management contractor, GRAHAM, a three-year contract expansion for the shipping of legionella danger and treatment management providers.

The SEHSCT is among five Trusts within Northern Ireland and covers the neighborhood government districts of Ards, North Down, Lisburn and down. The built-in organisation, incorporating acute medical center services, community health insurance and social services, serves a human population of 345 approximately,000 people.

GRAHAM was appointed by SEHSCT via the NHS Shared Company Services Framework on the one-year term, from March 2020.

GRAHAM Functions Director, Martin Gillespie,commented: “We have been proud to be helping the Southern Eastern Health insurance and Social Care Rely on and helping the Believe in using its compliance services within these very challenging periods for the healthcare industry. The award of the contract extension is usually testament to the higher standards of consistent services and efficiency from our entire group of helpdesk operatives, web site staff, management and consultants. It is a great accomplishment and demonstrates the important role we have been playing keeping in mind a key NHS Rely on compliant during such tests times because of the pandemic.”

The new contract will set you back 2024.