Front Desk Assistant


Ø Calls are found within 3 bands.

Ø Regular phrases used.

Ø Trunk phone calls have already been accounted for and billed to maximum revenue correctly.

Ø Summery bedding are checked and delivered to the evening auditor promptly and a whole co-relation of overview sheet with vouchers.

Ø Telephone section room is up-to-date on Executive numbers concerning provide info if the caller will be identifiable

Ø Home directory extensions are up-to-date

Ø Guest issues are handled diplomatically in order to uphold picture and ensure guest fulfillment

Ø Operators are usually amply trained with house directory established extensions with brands of officials.

Ø Telephone employees follows all techniques and procedures

Ø No guest problems are obtained on wake-up calls/Espresso Tea orders which are requested

Ø Operators provide long-distance calls promptly and properly to the visitors

Ø Local phone calls are correctly accounted for and billed to the visitors

Ø Faulty telephones are usually promptly attended by complaining to the upkeep without leading to inconvenience to the visitors

Ø Check up on telephone products on periodic schedule
Workplace Receptionist

Job short: We are searching for a Receptionist to control our front desk every day and to perform selection of administrative and clerical jobs.


· Greet and welcome guests the moment they arrive at any office

· Answer, display screen and forward incoming calls

· Ensure reception region is usually tidy and presentable, with all essential stationery and material (electronic.g. pens, types and brochures)

· Provide simple and accurate details in-person and via telephone/email

· Receive, kind and distribute everyday mail/deliveries

· Maintain workplace security by following protection procedures and controlling accessibility via the reception table

· Order front side office products and keep stock of stock

· Keep up-to-date records of office expenditures and costs

· Assisting co-workers with administrative duties.

· Perform additional clerical receptionist responsibilities such as for example filing, photocopying, & help out with preparing samples.


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