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Soluva® UVGI by Heraeus

Stay before pathogens, seasonal flu, along with other infections with Soluva® UVGI electronic home air cleaners by Heraeus. Soluva leverages UV-C (UVGI) light disinfection that’s able to wavelengths of 200-300nm, deactivating and destroying the structures of microorganisms such as for example viruses, bacterias, yeasts, and fungi.

The Soluva series functions in-duct, wall-installed, and tabletop devices for flexible installation choices. The Surroundings D in-duct module will be retrofitted into forced-air cooling and heating ventilation ducts to disinfect atmosphere in large structures without increasing fan capability also it doesn’t require the usage of replacement filter systems.

The Air W design is really a wall-mounted unit greatest for break rooms, meeting rooms, or offices. This purifier is simple to install on the connect and wall in, and features effective disinfection without the usage of replacement filters. Perfect for smaller spaces, the new air T is really a portable, tabletop solution that provides an extra degree of protection when several people occupy areas such as for example in meeting areas, senior living resident areas, along with other tight areas.

UVGI electronic home air cleaners are a low-maintenance, green option facility supervisors to disinfect without harmful chemical compounds and reduce company disruptions because of employee illness.