FM contractors make big cost savings using innovative, British engineering

Aladdin EasyFit isolators certainly are a Uk designed and built reside pipe isolation valve. This valve variety has a primary program in Facilities Management servicing, offering serious cost benefits in components and labour, therefore a commercial benefit to FM contractors (we curently have grateful FM clients – notice on).

The revolutionary Aladdin EasyFit isolator is really a full-bore, quarter-switch valve, WRAS-authorized as a stopcock, which may be fitted in significantly less than three minutes to a reside pipe holding cold or warm water,16bar ranked. This permits it to be set up into pressurised pipes in mins using a standard18v electric battery drill and the various tools supplied in your Aladdin EasyFit isolator valve beginner pack. Two Aladdin EasyFit isolators may be used to isolate upstream and downstream circulation in any desired area of a preexisting system, preventing the have to pipe freeze or drain.

day before intended function can commence

Cooling and draining down a commercial system may take a whole, plus a comparable time and energy to re-commission. Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves can reduce this to the very least, meaning projects could be completed in hrs, leading to increased customer care and significant cost benefits.


Aladdin EasyFit Isolator valves are employed by FM contractors over the UK already, which includes Arcus, CSS, Mears, Mitchell & Butlers, SPIE and more, suggested by Thames Drinking water.

SPIE informed us, “We’ve been able to tender tasks as two hrs labour, day rather than full, as no draining is necessary down.”

CSS mentioned, “Aladdin EasyFit enabled upkeep to be completed at The Royal London Medical center without having to near the ward or cease movement to a sterilisation area, there is no other option accessible because freezing cannot isolate sizzling flowing drinking water.”

Arcus observed that “Setting up Aladdin Easyfit permitted an Argos distribution center to stay open, as we could actually isolate a leak without switching off the main provide.”

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves can be found nationwide from Industrial Merchants, in sizes 15mm, 28mm and 22mm, to match current BS and Sobre regular metric copper and plastic-type pipes.


Consider, why are you currently shutting down water products to whole structures, causing unwanted disruption in universities, hospitals, care houses and occupied structures?

Why are you currently wasting a large number of litres of drinking water, incurring expenses of refilling inhibitors?

Why are you currently introducing gases in to the environment through pipe freezing?

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves offer a perfect alternative to traditional strategies, isolating at the idea of functions, limiting disruption to the very least, no drinking water wastage, no gases necessary, limiting down-time to the very least.

each year by draining techniques

It’s time to stop wasting an incredible number of gallons of water.

Stop presenting additional costly chemical substances!

Stop gases released into our environment through freezing!

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves will be the solution. We are able to all play our component through the use of greener alternatives, we are able to help save our world by embracing British innovation.

Within an ABI Report 2019, the Association of Uk Insurers urged customers to act rather than get captured out by way of a frozen or burst pipes during wintertime. It was only this past year that the cool spell due to the ‘Beast from the East’ resulted in a tenfold upsurge in claims when compared to previous yr for burst pipes due to bad weather.

A frozen or burst pipe could be inconvenient extremely, a good small rupture could cause a significant quantity of damage to home. It is not inexpensive to repair. In 2018 the common cost of weather-associated insurance promises for burst pipes averaged over £10,000.

Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves enable fast isolation of burst or leaking pipes, stopping the stream of water within 3 minutes, reducing water damage and mold to the very least subsequently.


When to utilize Aladdin EasyFit isolator?

  • Being an emergency shut-off valve for burst or leaking pipework
  • Being an emergency isolator where in fact the stopcock will be inaccessible
  • or seized

  • To isolate a heat for component servicing
  • save period on cooling

  • To, draining down, refilling, and commissioning
  • Where freezing is necessary, ‘no have to freeze’ Aladdin EasyFit isolator helps you to save time without disruption to other providers
  • As a convenience gadget in multi-occupancy structures (hospitals, care homes, resorts, pubs, leisure amenities, and HMO’s) where drinking water supply must be done without inconveniencing additional users
  • Where isolation is necessary for just about any water feed popular or cold up-to 16bar
  • As a green alternative, to gas-freezing
  • particularly

  • To permit isolation in regions of a developing where none is present
  • allow upkeep to TMV’s

  • To
    permit installs of baths
  • To, showers, and vessels without shutting off offer to the areas of a developing
  • As an alternative for the prevailing stopcock – Aladdin EasyFit isolator valves are WRAS-accepted stopcocks, eliminating the necessity for a return check out

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