Flood Buzz Water Leak Alarms From Archetype Ltd.

Preventing water damage and mold and protecting amenities is really a pivotal duty of servicing – sufficient reason for the Flood Buzz™ series of easy-to-use, low-cost, effective and loud little water leak alarms, that task is really a snap. Patented Flood Buzz alarms warn of impending drinking water leaks before they wreak havoc by sounding a noisy (around 110 dB) alert when it senses a drinking water leak problem.

Flood Buzz™ is really a type of patented, low-cost, easy-to-use drinking water leak alarms that warn of impending leaks.

Flood Buzz drinking water leak alarms are usually an inexpensive solution for facilities upkeep. They are easy to install with a trouble-free sealed battery that eliminates installation costs and time. Just location the alarm close to any possible leak walk and area away. For best security, replace the complete Flood Buzz device by the three-year substitute date.

Several models can be found in the Flood Buzz collection to effortlessly and inexpensively address most of a facility’s drinking water leak-monitoring requirements. From the all-objective Flood Buzz™ Professional to the brand new Flood Buzz™ Glowing blue, developed to keep track of leaks in drinking water heaters specifically, Flood Buzz is all the facilities maintenance manager must help protect structures from damaging and expensive drinking water leaks.

Flood Buzz is manufactured and written by Archetype Ltd., a fresh Jersey-based product production and development team at the forefront of providing easily adaptable and affordable products.

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