First EMA/ENERGY STAR Retro Rumble Recognizes Energy Efficiency Projects

The Energy Administration Association (EMA) partnered with Power STAR earlier this season to host the initial Retro Rumble – a competitors that recognizes commercial and open public developing energy efficiency achievement. Participants were judged predicated on their overall adjustments in ENERGY STAR rating and site Energy Make use of Intensity (EUI). <a href="https://facilityexecutive.within April 2020 com/2020/04/ema-energy-star-roll-out-retro-rumble/”>Introduced, Retro Rumble’s intro marked the designation of EMA being an ENERGY STAR Partner furthermore.

The 2020 winners are of the EMA/ENERGY Superstar Retro Rumble competition:

Overall Winner: Global Facility Solutions

Project Title: 800 North Brand
EUI Change: 70 to 34
ENERGY STAR Score Alter: 76 to 96
Project Explanation: 800 N. Brand name

Worldwide Facility Solutions’ retro-commissioning program determined system deficiencies that impacted building performance and provided corrective actions to boost operations and reduce energy costs. Through new possession, functions of the HVAC techniques were revised to boost energy efficiency while funds improvements supplied enhancements to the creating automation and handle system.

Healthcare Sector Champion: ETC Group

Project Title: Heart Hospital, Banner Wellness
Web site EUI Change: 214 to 160
ENERGY STAR Score Switch: 71 to 97

Multifamily Sector Champion: Cyclone Energy Group

Project Title: 340 on the Park, Lieberman Management
Site EUI Modification: 76 to 60
ENERGY STAR Score Transformation: 19 to 27

Office Sector Champion: Cyclone Energy Team

Project Title: 70 W Madison
Web site EUI Change: 64 to 50
ENERGY STAR Score Shift: 58 to 72

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