FDA241 IDs Smoldering Li-ion Battery Energy Storage Systems Earlier

As requirement and installations of lithium-ion (li-ion) battery power storage systems increase, fire detection and protection techniques are crucial for both basic safety and financial reasons. Very caution fire detection is paramount to preventing catastrophic fire events earlier. Siemens’ FDA241 aspirating smoke cigarettes detector utilizes two sensing wavelengths to differentiate between smoke cigarettes and deceptive phenomena, allowing increased detection dependability in challenging environments actually.

Li-ion battery energy storage space systems are accustomed to store and provide power created by wind, solar, along with other renewable power means. They’re commonly used as backup power or load balancing in buildings also. As li-ion batteries age group or get broken they are able to experience internal faults that may result in overheating of the electric battery enclosure. If left undetected rather than addressed by shut down quickly, disconnection, or e-stop, this problem can result in thermal runaway – or massive overheating that may bring about explosion or fire.

Siemens’ FDA241 detector can detect smoldering or off-gasoline particles around five times sooner than competitive place detectors, decreasing the chance of thermal runaway in a li-ion battery power storage program. The patented dual-wavelength technologies uses blue and reddish wavelengths to detect little off-gas particles which are produced in the first stages of battery failing and overheating. Making use of two wavelengths enables the detector to differentiate steam and dirt particles from smoke cigarettes and off-gas particles, signaling the correct warning signal and reducing potential false alarms therefore.

“As soon as a li-ion electric battery thermal runaway takes place, it is difficult to place out and will be catastrophic,” mentioned Brian O’Mahoney, UL Fire Protection Segment Head, Siemens Intelligent Infrastructure USA. “Implementing revolutionary detection technology might help protect organizations’ resources, keep facility occupants secure, and prevent huge amount of money in possible losses.”

The FDA241. S 619002) and efficiency verification being an early warning recognition device for li-ion electric battery off-gas recognition. This VdS approval may be used to satisfy NFPA 855 specifications through equivalency allowance in NFPA 72 section 1.5. Currently you can find no other global item performance specifications for the recognition of li-ion electric battery off-gas recognition.

The FDA241 li-ion off-fuel detector from Siemens can be acquired through Siemens Branch Workplaces and Siemens Solution Companions. Find out more about the detector right here .

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