ISS Facility Solutions, created in 1901 in Copenhagen, Denmark, is among the largest Facility Management businesses in the global globe. In 2020, the business had a lot more than 400,000 workers in 40 nations and amassed a different client base in production and in the health care, financial, and aviation industrial sectors.

Make it possible for both safety and efficiency, ISS provides all sorts of services, from gentle to hard facility administration: cleaning, catering, technical providers, space security and management, among others. Utilizing their own phrases, they’re focused on “providing amazing experiences at work”.


We recently had a chance to speak to Rui Gomes, country supervisor for ISS Facility Providers Portugal, concerning the future of upkeep. We discussed his predictions concerning the influence of the pandemic, the challenges facing the FM later on and the noticeable changes they’ll bring about. Now, you can browse the full interview finally!

Rui, do you know the main challenges Service Management faces these complete days?

I really believe the three huge challenges are understanding customers’ needs; adapting amenities and services to customers’ needs; and connecting facilities and folks. 

If we’re covering Service Management’s main challenges, we have to mention its trends furthermore. What do you consider will be the biggest future styles? 

First, Personally i think FM is getting momentum, focusing not merely on providing solutions but on user encounter also. 

Then, you can find other three conditions that I think will undoubtedly be great developments: 

  • Greater building sustainability, where FM assumes an important part by improving its procedure also, along with supporting clients’ activities; 
  • Pledging transparency and making use of technologies; 
  • A romantic relationship between HR and FM. 

It’s not really about transitioning to a digital workplace just, but most importantly acknowledging that we’ll have to adjust to a fresh workplace idea

Let’s there go on it from. The first a couple of things you mentioned had been “understanding the user’s requirements” and “adapting to those requirements”. 2 yrs on, are usually we on a learning curve nevertheless? 

Despite likely to “pre-COVID normal” back, you can find things the pandemic irrevocably offers changed. Not only inside our personal habits however in the way we relate with work also, people, and areas. 

It’s not really about transitioning to a digital workplace just, but most importantly acknowledging that we’ll have to take a step of progress, adjust to a fresh workplace concept and, hence, to a new method of functioning. 

Will be redefining workplaces the nice reason FM is attaining momentum?  

These new difficulties bring about new trends on the market. Organisations no more define a facility supervisor or a service service provider as somebody who should only concentrate on providing that services, quite the opposite. Facility managers gained a lot more prominence within organisations since they contribute towards retaining and attracting talent, and offer users with a distinctive experience.

The next trend you highlighted had been sustainability. Will be that something you undertake as a facility supervisor, or something customers expect? 

Sustainability and their dedication to the environment are usually two of the largest goals for businesses. That’s as important just, or even more than, having sufficient workspaces for the workers. Clients curently have set ambitious goals, plus they expect providers to become listed on in and attain them. Again, facility management performs too an essential role here, because it promotes better procedures at the client’s service. 

“Folks are right at the guts.”

The 3rd factor you mentioned is technologies. Undoubtedly, technology is usually ubiquitous. But what’s the largest effect for FM? 

Technology emerges as an excellent ally because it assists FM with information analysis and collection. Both are essential to provide insights and to assist companies grow as companies and organisations. Today, data evaluation is central and essential to strategic decision-making, enabling us to provide customised providers that meet up with the company’s requirements. 

The closer partnership between FM and RH supports service customisation also?

Yes. [At ISS] w electronic believe HR will undoubtedly be much nearer to FM to adjust areas to users’ needs, offering valuable insights in what worries experiences and how exactly to best build relationships users. Folks are right at the center.

“Folks are correct at the centre” appears to be Industry 5.0’s motto. What does this change imply for FM and Upkeep? 

For individuals who work in Service Management, it’s vital that you make an in-depth reflection concerning the changes these brand new work contexts produce. We have to analyse its influence, the users’ requirements, the repercussions of the digital transformation, and the brand new relationships between companies and employees. 

Besides, we have to redefine actual physical workplaces and the continuing services they’ll demand. To reach your goals, [facility management] companies have to follow trends, and which means they need to depend on date with the marketplace’s new requirements constantly.

“Facility Management’s function will concentrate on users’ experiences and requirements.”

Facility Management will have to focus more on the ultimate end user?

Yes. FM function shall have to be done altogether harmony with users, in order to suggest enhancements and solutions which can be customised and rapidly adapted.

In the event that you had to select one word to spell it out FM’s upcoming, what would it end up being?

Encounter. Because we believe Service Management’s role will concentrate on users’ experiences and requirements.

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