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All About the Facility Management System

The Facility Management System is used to manage facilities digitally as a whole as well as space within a facility. It can help to layout an office efficiently, divide areas for different projects, assign space to other groups, and track maintenance. The CMM and CAFM are examples of such systems.

Facility Management covers a wide range of services across different organizations. Therefore, the maintenance and management of assets, as well as assistance, is an upholding task. Then the question arises on how to maintain and manage it efficiently? Well, here we are writing about facility management systems.

What is a Facility Management System?

Facility management often generates an ample amount of data in various ways. Moreover, they should keep spaces or premises in the proper operating condition through daily and scheduled maintenance. So, a well-maintained Facility can work more efficiently, create a safe working environment, reduce costs, and fetch the best results. However, tracking all this stuff is not going to increase productivity as well as working efficiently. There you need a proper Facility Management System to manage your data and track all schedules and services.

What are CAFM and CMM?

As mentioned earlier, there are two most common Facility management systems CAFM and CMM. Let’s have a look into these.


CAFM or Computer-aided Facility Management is a system that enables business owners and their businesses to shift logistics tasks on the digital medium for better management while effectively continuing their business. In other words, CAFM provides the facility manager with the administrative tools and the ability to track, manage, report, and plan facilities operations.

It is a rapidly growing technology that grabs the attention of business a lot and creates ease for them. Moreover, CAFM provides the next-gen solution to the problems, no matter how old it is.


CMMS or CAFM System is a computer database of information about an organization’s maintenance operation. It enables the functionality of an organization as well as maintenance works efficiently. For example, if a machine stops functioning, it will automatically notify you about that particular machine rather than manually check each device. it will save a lot of time, increase productivity, and add more value to the business.

What are the differences between CAFM and CMMS?

CAFM and CMM can be differentiated because of their scope and focus. CAFM is used as a bigger picture as it manages a whole organization while CMMS is a part of the CAFM. It goes deeper into managing maintenance operations. However, the following points can differentiate these two well.

  • CAFM manages a whole property or organization while CMMS has a detailed look into maintenance operation.
  • CAFM enables managers to find patterns and analyze different aspects of Facilities while CMMS looks into a specific maintenance aspect.
  • CAFM looks at how the budget is allocated and records maintenance and repair information while CMMS tracks work costs and orders, machine history, and labor records on critical equipment.
  • CAFM grants access to Facility Managers while CMMS allows even maintenance technicians to access it.
  • CAFM identifies the areas of cost control, while CMMS controls the cost.

When CMMS is integrated with CAFM, both works more efficiently. The data collected from CMMS helps CAFM to boost the performance further.

Benefits of using the Facility Management System (CAFM)

CAFM is the best practice to coordinate between the physical workplace and the work of an organization. It integrates the business administration, architecture, and the behavioral and engineering sciences. Hence CAFM can improve the quality of life of an organization and cost reduction, cost avoidance, and information improvement. However, the significant benefits of using CAFM are the following.

  • It effectively utilizes the space to reduce the cost as well as a potential reduction in asset inventories.
  • It reduces shifting as well as relocating activities that eventually reduce the cost.
  • More helpful in planning a project that later reduces the construction, architectural, and engineering costs.
  • It notifies critical facilities in a timely fashion and rapidly.
  • After analyzing data and information, it helps to make the existing processes more efficient and streamlined.
  • It enables facility managers to become proactive rather than becoming reactive. Eventually, they can make decisions accurately and in time.
  • CAFM enhances and improves the security of premises as well as a workspace. It reduces the risk of accidents and compliance violations.
  • It can improve disaster planning. Hence it can reduce the risk of human injury or any mishap from natural disasters.
  • CAFM continuously brings improvements in the efficiency of facility management.

Top 5 Facility Management Systems

You will be well aware of Facility Management System. Now the question is which one is the best management system. Here are the top 5 Facility management systems.

1.   Rafeeg Facility Management System

Rafeeg FM software is one of the most user-friendly CAFM systems in the region, enables the clients to have full control and monitoring of their facilities, assets, and operations. The Rafeeg CAFM system is free software to the company clients. Click on the following link to learn more about it:

1.   EZOfficeInventory

This management software enables you to track maintenance costs, schedule services, manage vendors, and customize alerts for greater control. It also includes a mobile app for scanning QR Code, Barcode labels, and working service tickets on the go. Moreover, this software can be the best solution for all your preventive maintenance needs. You can avail of its free trial as well as live online training. Its monthly price is $35.

2.   Limble CMMS

It is simple to use, a mobile-first maintenance software solution that allows you to manage assets, PMs, WOs, and more efficiently. It can be the best choice for commercial properties, Facility Scheduling, inspection management, and preventive maintenance. Though its free trial is also available, however, its monthly price is $50.

3.   The Service Program

It is one of the best systems for whatever services you do. Either it is cleaning pools, cutting lawns, cleaning portable toilets, or repairing something for someone. This system will enable you to take a proactive approach as well as keeping the consumers informed. Moreover, it is one of the industry-leading software with QuickBook ad-on software. It supports you almost in every aspect of management. It costs $49.95 per month.

4.   CFM Explorer

If you are a Facility Manager or a real estate director and need to achieve cost savings process efficiencies, then CFM Explorer can be your choice. It is essentially a robust and total Facilities Management product deployed on Desktop, Web, and Mobile for engineers. It can help in planned maintenance, Room Booking, Space Planning, Cost Control, Property Management, and has a Powerful Live Reporting Dashboard. There is a one-time price for it which is $2000.

5.   Optix

Well, if you are in search of a system that can manage your workplace, serviced offices, and shared office facilities, then Optix is the best fit for you. Moreover, Optix is a mobile-first platform that makes managing shared spaces smart and intuitive. Also, it has all the tools you need to run a modern and connected workplace. The price of this software starts from $199 per month.

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