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Facility Management Full Services, Hard & Soft

Facility Management’s full services are playing a vital role in facilitating private organizations to achieve their objectives. FM provides support in every department in an effective, efficient, and professional manner in a built environment to better the quality of life and increases core business productivity. In other words, the purpose of professional FM as an interdisciplinary business function is to coordinate supply and demand for facilities and services in public and private organizations. The Middle East, and especially UAE, has a lot of opportunities for facility management.

Rafeeg Facility Management

Rafeeg FM provides technological advanced, and cost effective solutions with international best practice standards alignment. Rafeeg offering hard and soft facility management services to clients across various sectors including residential, commercial, government, and industrial.

Rafeeg’s mission is to provide a safe, clean, productive, and well-maintained physical environment for our clients to ensure that they can focus on their core business, now and into the future. Learn More ..

Facility Management full services

FM covers a wide range of support services to ensure the functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of a built environment, buildings and grounds, infrastructure, and real estate. However, the list of services encompassed by Facility management is the following.

  1. Hard Services: Facility Management hard services are not to be removed from a building or premises. These services are directly associated with the structure of building like plumbing, and lighting, etc.
  2. Soft Services: The soft services make the environment of the building or workspace pleasant either by making it secure or clean.
  3. Consultancy Services: These services help and support people in planning, setting up their business, health and safety, and asset management. Further, it includes the following.
    1. Facility Management strategic consultancy
    2. Reduction of cost as well as increasing efficiency
    3. Business process outsourcing
    4. Survey of assets
    5. Planning of space, design, and supply
    6. Incident management
  4. Security Surveillance Services: These services are to protect a building, premises, or property from unauthorized access, any untoward situation, and maintain a safe and secure environment. This can be done by installing CCTV cameras, providing lifeguards or security guards.
  5. Environmental Management Services: These services can be defined as managing the interaction and impact of human activities on the environment. The purpose of these services is to reduce the effects of the environment and increase productivity and proficiency. These services include sustainable energy management, waste management, and carbon footprint, etc.
  6. Logistics Services: These services by FM are to handle, distribute, or produce materials or drop it on the end destination. These services include the following.
    1. Relocation management
    2. Fleet management
    3. Fleet Tracking system
    4. Car Parking management
    5. Home movers services
    6. Valet services
  7. IT & Networking Services: These services are all about the operational support to run an organization. All computer-related mechanical and digital services, as well as printing and networking, are included. At the same time, the most important one is to prevent data loss and surveillance system maintenance. The other included services are the following.
    1. Computer Servicing
    2. Printing servicing
    3. Network solutions
    4. Internal Telecommunication
    5. Advertisement
    6. Data Loss Management

Facility Management Full Hard Services

As mentioned earlier, hard services are those services that can be removed from a building or premises. Moreover, these included mostly the maintenance of a building to improve the life quality of humans and employees of an organization. These services are further divided into two categories.

  1. Integral Maintenance: These hard services are the fundamental needs of a building or an environment. In other words, we can say that these services are necessary to live a smooth life in any capacity. Either you are living anywhere, or you are working somewhere, either you are a company or a small office holder, these services are essential. Especially when you are living in the hot weather of the UAE, these become more important. The following services are included in it.
    1. Air conditioning system
    2. Elevators
    3. Electricity
    4. Plumbing
    5. Fire Protection System
    6. ELV System (Extra Low Voltage System)
    7. Garage Doors and Barriers
    8. Utilities, and infrastructure
    9. Water pump and water heater
    10. Solar panel maintenance
    11. Building information modeling
    12. Building management system
  1. Civil Services: These hard services are related purely to a building and infrastructure. Whether you want to construct a building, renovate, or furbish, you need these services. In the wake of the UAE, market construction services have much more demand. Civil services include the following
    1. Construction
    2. Renovation, Refurbishments
    3. Cladding (covering or coating on a structure or material)
    4. Facade Work (The external and front part of the building facing the street)

Facility Management Full Soft Services

Soft services can be described as the services that make the workplace, environment of a building, or an organization better to be in. This can be done by making it a secure, safe, pleasant environment for working or more efficient. Facility Management soft services are further categorized into three different types.

  1. Cleaning Services: These are the most essential and foremost services that make a workspace pleasant. A neat and clean place leaves a good impression on the inhabitants of a building, employees of an organization, or any business visitor. Facility management provides these services at their level best. Cleaning services include the following.
    1. General cleaning internal and external
    2. Facade cleaning
    3. Water Tank cleaning and disinfecting
    4. AC duct cleaning and disinfecting
    5. Floor crystalization, restoration, and disinfecting
    6. Solar penal cleaning
    7. Swimming pool cleaning
    8. Complex cleaning
    9. Dry Cleaning services
    10. Sanitary Supplies
    11. Hi-Tech machinery supplies
  2. Hospitality Services: These services are an extra addition to enhance the capability of facility management. However, hospitality services manage all the guest experience, including check-in, hotels, spa, reservation, catering, and parking, etc. Also, these services have a massive demand in the tourism industry. It is also worth mentioning that hospitality services play a vital role in increasing an organization’s efficiency. The following services are included in hospitality.
    1. Catering services
    2. Office and pantry services
    3. Vending Machine Services
  3. General Services: These services are related to routine work or in exceptional cases. Housekeeping, laundry, and car wash services are also included in this category. Further, some specialized services like gardening, concierge provision, and helpdesk are also part of it. The following are included in the General Services category.
    1. Gardening
    2. Landscaping
    3. Laundry services
    4. Pest control
    5. Help Desk and concierge services
    6. Mail Room Management Porter
    7. Marine management and beach services
    8. Car wash services
    9. Housekeeping

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