Facilities – Landmark Leisure UAE – Dubai

The work holder is in charge of dealing with Facilities Manager to make sure that Faciliteis Management providers are effective applied across Landmark Leisure attributes by cordinating with third party providers and inhosue maintenance group & timely quality of Facilities administration related issues

Key Responsibilities

Facilities Management

Supervising of job opportunities requests related maintenance functions of AC, electric, Plumbing, CCTV, Civil, carpentry, Painting and joinery works

Planning Preventive maintenance plan for MEP solutions and communicating exactly the same to service providers

Supervising of preventive maintenance providers of MEP equipment

Planning and issuing daily function schedules/work cards for inhouse upkeep technicians, providing required technical supervisor and assistance for closing of tasks requests and complaint phone calls

Inspecting the work requests linked to civil, carpentry, gypsum, flooring, painting, joinery functions and coordinating with suppliers for quotations and submitting to FM supervisor for finalisation and evaluation

Supervising of third party contractors’ maintenance work linked to civil, carpentry, gypsum, flooring, painting, mEP and joinery functions by ensuring proper HSE procedures are followed and high quality work is done

Coordinating with procurement group for releasing of LPO’s

Coordinating with providers and vendor for quotation linked to MEP works and extra parts

Coordinating with mall administration for arranging works permits

Arranging essential materials /spare components for inhouse group and third party vendor for completion of work requests on time

Inspecting outlets after the works are completed and certifying the functions for processing obligations to vendors

Maintain.} {Constantly oversee their {overall performance|efficiency|functionality} and {means that} they honour their obligations.|Oversee their performance {plus} {means that} they honour their obligations {continuously}.}
gong4deng gong3deng gong0deng {Management}: gong1deng gong2deng {Frequently} inspecting the outlets for {security and safety} {based on the} ambience.
gong2deng Outsourcing the {main} works and supervising {exactly the same}.
gong2deng Updating the {Services|Amenities} Logbook per {store|wall plug} on regular {foundation|schedule|base}, i.e., {{following the} work is done.|{following the} ongoing work {is performed}.}
{ gong2deng Updating {the task} done by taking {photos|images} before and {following the} work.| gong2deng Updating the {continuing|continuous} work done {by firmly taking} pictures before and {following the} work.}
{ gong2deng Retaining {the task} history.| gong2deng Retaining the {continuing|continuous} work history.}
{ gong2deng Collecting the {support|services|assistance|program|provider} reports {of most} FM {solutions|providers} and filing {exactly the same} for future records| gong2deng Collecting the {continuing|continuous} service reports {of most} FM {solutions|providers} and filing {exactly the same} for future records}
gong2deng Maintaining {information} of tools & {extra} parts
gong2deng {Planning} trackers of {bills}, PPM services {up-dates|improvements} and submitting to FM manager
gong4deng gong3deng Qualifications
gong4deng gong3deng Basic Qualification / {Schooling} / Vocational Training
gong4deng gong3deng Graduate/Diploma in {Electric} or mechanical engineering
gong4deng gong3deng Advanced Qualification / Certification / {Professional|Expert} Training
gong4deng gong3deng UAE driving license
gong2deng {SAFENESS} certification
{ gong2deng {Accreditation|Qualification} in Facilitates management {solutions|providers} {will undoubtedly be} an advantage| gong2deng {Accreditation|Qualification} in Facilitates management {solutions|providers} {will be} an advantage}
gong4deng gong3deng gong0deng Minimum {Encounter}: gong1deng gong2deng 4 -6 years
gong2deng {24 months} in UAE with Leisure / Retail / Hospitality Industry {ideally} with Multi site {administration} experience
gong4deng gong3deng gong0deng {Abilities} and {Abilities|Features}: gong1deng gong2deng Expert knowledge in {servicing|upkeep} of MEP {solutions|providers} and civil , carpentry {servicing|upkeep} works
{ gong2deng {Routine knowledge of} house keeping and {protection|safety} services|/> Routine knowledge of house keeping and protection services <br

Great MS office knowledge, Great Computer skills

Result orientation

Teamwork & collaboration

Communication skills

Analytical skills

Preparing and organising skills

Customer support orientation

Primary Place: AE-AE-United Arab Emirates

Work place/ موقع العمل: Oasis Mall – Dubai Oasis Mall – Dubai, , Dubai111111 111111

Work: Landmark Hospitality Facilities

Corporation: Landmark Leisure UAE

Plan label /الجدول الزمني: Regular

Shift: Standard

Work Type: Full-time

Day Job

Job Publishing/نشر تسمية الوظيفة: Oct 5, 2021, 3:03:46 AM

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