Fabric Door In Stainless Steel Options

Overhead Doorway™ Brand , a manufacturer of industrial and residential door options, is growing the RapidFlex® Model 991 fabric doorway with new stainless options geared designed for apps prioritizing cleanliness, such as for example food processing services. The brand new package includes stainless choices such as for example those for top and wall instructions, sloped hood, mind plates, and operator cover up. The enhanced functions allow food amenities to acquire FDA and USDA approvals and follow great manufacturing procedures (GMPs).

The Design 991’s strutless style reduces operational noise. This high-speed interior fabric doorway would work for separating controlled atmosphere spaces such as for example beverage and food services, high traffic zones, storage space rooms, and manufacturing places to avoid cross contamination.

“RapidFlex 991 is really a popular industrial doorway in facilities requiring options offering separation of controlled conditions. The new stainless package enhances its safety and sanitary benefits more,” mentioned Christian Morrow, Brand name Manager for Overhead Doorway Brand. “That is important for spaces such as for example food and beverage amenities especially, high traffic zones, storage space rooms, and manufacturing locations to avoid cross contamination.”

RapidFlex 991 features dual-recessed photo eye and a patent-pending curtain lock, that allows the hinged doors to withstand pressure and enables them to be repaired quickly in the field. It really is corrosion-resistant to water, cleaners, soaps, along with other chemicals; resists a reaction to blood, animal parts, along with other substances to keep sanitary conditions; and withstands regular washdowns while being an easy task to clean, keep sanitary, and inhibit bacterial growth.

Offering speeds as high as 70″ per second and certified air tightness to avoid airborne contaminants from entering a controlled environment, RapidFlex 991 operates with a direct drive motor and gearbox system with a hinged door stop device. Infrared sensors are mounted in-plane to the hinged door curtain at 18″ and 50″ to 54″ from floor, providing built-in obstruction detection.

RapidFlex 991 includes a standard maximum width of 14′ and a typical maximum height of 14′. Actuation options include push button, key switch, pull switch, motion detector, radio control, loop detector, and treadle switch​​​​​​​. Signal device options include red/green LED warning light, horn/strobe combination, and rotating warning light. A Vision Option permits 20″ high windows spaced over the width of fabric door evenly.

RapidFlex 991 includes a five-year limited warranty.

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