Experienced MEP Engineer in mechanical designs. Looking for job ( 0545667138 )


We am writing to use for the positioning of MEP engineer work, With over 24 months of experience within MEP Mechanical designs, We possess the comprehensive expertise and hands-on understanding essential to affect optimistic, overreaching outcomes within this role. Please have a look at my attached resume for an in depth look within my experience and skills. Here’s a snapshot of what I must offer:
. Style all mechanical systems which includes plumbing & sewage, firefighting, HVAC etc.
• Prepares all systems information such as for example schematics, calculations, connections and schedules.
. Co-ordinates for with additional departments for several project stages including idea design, preliminary style, and detail style.
• Prepares full specs and calculations.
• Follows-upward with the updated specifications from departments for implementation.
• Participates in task discussions with departments.
• Assists in CAD drafting as so when required.
• Supervises a group of Mechanical Draftsman.
• Conducts sites appointments and assessment, as necessary to execute design function.
• Keeps information and documents for tasks handled.
. Water Provide Mechanical Drawings.
. Drinking water Drainage Drawings.
. HVAC Program Drawings BOQ.
. Specs for Mechanical Works.
The attached resume information my extensive coaching and experience as the HVAC Engineer. I’ll contact you this 7 days to verify receipt of my resume also to arrange a period for more information about this possibility also to discuss how I could contribute my strengths at MEP tasks. We appreciate your taking the proper time to evaluation my credentials and encounter.


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