Evotech first in UK to offer patented AC sanitisation solution

Evotech  QUALITY OF AIR is among the most first UK business to offer services utilizing the AIRsana patented alternative for the sanitisation of AC & mechanical ventilation equipment.

Traditional ways of cleaning air-con and ventilation systems entail the usage of chemicals and can end up being both messy and frustrating. The patented AIRsana answer runs on the jet of dry, saturated steam at 160 degrees, injected at ruthless, to eliminate hidden dirt and eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as for example viruses even, mould and bacteria. It at the same time sucks up this dirt around prevent it getting dispersed in to the environment. On completion, the units are usually sanitised fully, ensuring air arriving through the operational system will not turn out to be contaminated by mould, dirt or bacteria.

John Lumb, Director of Evotech QUALITY OF AIR states, “Whilst recirculated air passes through filters that remove particles from the air, as time passes there will become a build-up of great dirt and dust in the operational system, that cleaning the filtration system cannot solve alone. During the past technicians have spent considerable time making use of harsh chemicals to completely clean and sanitise AC systems and today this could be done better in two the time, utilizing the AIRsana program.”

Another advantage to utilizing the dry steam sanitiser will be that the equipment is usually cleaned to an nearly new condition, improving efficiency, reducing working costs and improving its lifecycle.

Evotech QUALITY OF AIR now provide an alternative solution AC sanitisation services to its customers that’s far better, safer and is really a 100% ecological remedy.

To learn more go to  www. evotech airquality.co.uk


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