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شركة الجرافات البحرية الوطنية

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Posted 2021/08/29 07:55:11

Expires 2021-09-03

Ref: JB1100005859


Job Description

Emirates Nationwide Standards Classification of Occupations

  • Help Senior Cost Estimator to provide thorough, full and independent cost estimations for the tenders.
  • Collect all relevant needed info from the manufacturing estimator, style engineer, Tender manager, and/or from web site visits.
  • Procedure all gathered information into very clear and cost optimal cost and budgets estimates which includes a planning and function sequencing
  • check with colleagues

  • Regularly, form the industrial department and the project manager about cost
  • Asses proposals/ prices of sub-contractors and suppliers.
  • Ensure collected budget and date details is maintained and information is used in project management and industrial department.
  • Help out with preparing tender/quotation paperwork for tendering purposes.
  • Ensure maintenance of data source which includes prices/ quotes from sub-contractors
  • collaborate with senior cost estimator

  • Carefully, creation estimator; colleagues form the industrial department and the tender manager.
  • Research and analyze of Bids / Tenders and commercially technically, compose scope clarifications.
  • Identify the Risks, possibilities & assumptions produced within the price estimation.
  • Specialized skills with thorough understanding of estimating principals.
  • It is a generalist view of employment which you have been designated for – sometimes you might be requested to accomplish above/beyond the scope of the role because of Operational requirements.


  • Support colleagues to build up knowledge, competencies and skills.
  • Have the ability to translate division targets into concrete and measurable goals for a timely achievement of goals.
  • Consider ownership of own objectives arranged and of the objectives of subordinates.
  • Investigate, realize and respond to the requirements of inner stakeholders.
  • Show respect, loyalty and flexibility towards colleagues through the entire organization.
  • Communicate and succinctly orally andin creating clearly. Adapt written and oral communication style to the audience.
  • Have the ability to solve problems ordisputes adequately. lf necessary, include the superintendent manager timely.

Have the ability to identify and mitigate risks within the scope of the division and linked to additional divisions department interfaces.

Verbal communication/ Language skills

  • Needed: English
  • Favored: Arabic
  • Any language can be an asset.

Composed communication skills

  • Necessary: English
  • Favored: Arabic
    • Any language can be an asset.

    IT skills

    • Estimation software program (preferably Hard Dollar (InEight Estimate) or Candy)
    • MS Office
    • Primavera / MS project basic knowing (Optional)


    • Superb analytical skills
    • Capability to envision the complete project from begin to end
    • innovative and

    • Creative thinker

    Passing conditioning from AD Wellness Service Co. SEHA will be mandatory. Actual physical examinations and investigation check (ADMA) will undoubtedly be required before functioning at offshore Coal and oil projects.


Specialized/ engineering Bachelor degree or equivalent expert qualification or equivalent prof

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Job Information

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Marine Providers

Company (Semi Government -Local)




Favored Candidate

Career Degree
Mid Career

Yrs of Experience
Min: 5 Max: 10

Bachelor’s degree


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