EPA Announces 2020 ENERGY STAR Certified Manufacturing Plants

Over the U.S., 95 production plants gained U.S. Environmental Protection Company (EPA) ENERGY STAR accreditation in 2020 to be being among the most energy-efficient in their industrial sectors. By strategically handling their power use while our nation dealt with problems of the COVID-19 pandemic, these ENERGY STAR accredited plants saved almost $400 million on power bills-equivalent to the payroll worth of over 8,000 U.S. manufacturing careers.

Over the U.S., 16 Bimbo Bakeries USA amenities earned ENERGY STAR qualification in 2020. (Photograph: Bimbo Bakeries United states, Inc.)

These production facilities also avoided the intake of 80 trillion Btus of power compared to typical plants and avoided over 5 million metric a great deal of greenhouse gasoline emissions, equal to those from the power usage of 600 nearly,000 homes. Because the first production facilities received certification 15 years back, ENERGY STAR authorized plants have assisted the economic climate and environment significantly, leading to over $6 billion in savings on energy expenses and cleaner atmosphere by preventing over 65 million metric tons in greenhouse fuel emissions in comparison to average-performing facilities.

“These forward-looking companies have demonstrated that financial development and job development go hand-in-hands with environmental improvement,” mentioned EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “The changeover to a clean power economy is happening today, as partnerships like Power STAR encourage businesses to go the excess mile, bringing innovation, pollution and cost-financial savings reductions in return.”

Energy performance can be an important decarbonization technique for the industrial industry, which emits a third of U nearly.S. total greenhouse gasoline emissions. To help make the essential reductions in commercial greenhouse fuel emissions necessary-and enable a changeover to a clean power economy-manufacturing plants must considerably raise the energy efficiency of these operations.

ENERGY STAR provides producers with assets for improving the power performance of production plants. Plants make use of ENERGY STAR energy efficiency indicators (EPIs), or, in the entire situation of petroleum refineries, the Solomon Associates Power Intensity Index (Solomon-EII™) scoring program, to assess how their power use comes even close to plants with comparable operating features. Plants with a verified power performance score of 75 out of 100 or more meet the criteria for ENERGY STAR accreditation, and therefore they perform much better than 75 % of plants of their industry. ENERGY Superstar certification can be acquired for 20 production sectors, from cement, metal, and glass to industrial bakeries.

All Power STAR certified production plants in 2020:

* Represents first-time qualification