Environmental work pays off

Regardless of what industry we work in, we’re all understand how important it really is for businesses to understand their environmental and social responsibilities.

As a big manufacturer with 5 production facilities across Europe, DURABLE have got exuded a culture of corporate responsibility always, before it grew to become fashionable to take action long, in a bid to lessen their carbon footprint and invest in a sustainable future.

What initiatives possess DURABLE implemented recently?

Low-energy building illumination: At their UK site they will have installed low-energy lights throughout their buildings. This investment in low-energy office light has decreased energy consumption and for that reason reduced energy costs. Electricity utilized to power the operating office lights offers dropped from 22,831 to 6,610 KWh/year so the annual devote to electricity has decreased by over 70%.

SOLAR POWER PANELS: In early 2016, Durable UK set up solar power panels. Since then, the solar power panels have created enough electricity to power all electrical needs within the building with enough spare to come back to the grid.

Manufacturing site and process improvements: Dating back to 2014, 100% of plastic waste that arises during production is usually internally recycled. DURABLE utilize the waste from production to generate the recycleables for production another. Waste heat from the production process, refrigerators and compressors, is used for heating system the buildings or approved to energy recovery systems.

New ECO Range

“Green Office” isn’t just a trend but a long-term change toward greater sustainability at work. DURABLE now supplies a Blue Angel-certified selection of office accessories which are made from at the very least 80 per cent plastic.

The ECO Blue Angel range utilizes recycled plastics in Blue Angel quality and produced exclusively with post-consumer recycled materials. It’s functional and timeless design has been tried and trusted for flexible found in office environments.

Explore the number at  www.durable-uk.com


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