Ensuring Workplace Safety and Efficiency in a Post-Pandemic World

The role of Facility Managers (FMs) in ensuring workplace safety and efficiency has enter into sharp focus and prominence in the brand new normal that prevails worldwide. That which was hitherto regarded as a support role is really a critical section of every organization’s operational requirements now. As a total result, it has turned into a norm to really have the FM function within most CxO meetings.

How Folks of Different AGE RANGES Were Suffering from WFH

A recently available Nasscom survey reveals that those beneath 25 or above 40 are wanting to make contact with work. The explanation for such results isn’t to seek far. Today are more comfortable for youngsters compared to the accommodations where they stay most offices. Therefore, they regularly attend office, work hard, and party hard. Alternatively, those above 40 feel obliged to guarantee the quality of work sent to customers.

That leaves us with those aged between 25-40 yrs, that are happy to home based. They are probably married and, generally, have obligations towards parents and in-laws and may have kids also. Enough time saved in commuting and the capability to multitask throughout a normal morning has managed to get easier to allow them to balance their personal and official needs. Some more dynamic folks are doing two jobs in parallel, making hay as the sun shines, at the expense of both employer and the client who will pay for the billable hours.

Balancing Workplace Safety and Efficiency

In the past couple of years, it’s been well documented how working at home lowers employees’ efficiency, affecting the entire project. Meanwhile, with employees time for work, those in responsible positions are obliged to control workplace safety.

As increasingly more employees go back to any office in a phased manner, ensuring workplace safety in addition has turn into a key deliverable in order that a delicate balance is maintained between your business needs and employees’ welfare. The complete transition could possibly be delayed by weeks or even handled properly.

How exactly to Ensure Workplace Efficiency and Safety?

Workplace safety and efficiency have to be maintained for a small business to prosper simultaneously. Here are some ways by which it is possible to maintain both together.

  • Reconfigure workplace for social distancing

    Hardly any companies have the blissful luxury of reconfiguring workplaces. So, multiple options are increasingly being discussed, like blocking alternate seats by asking visitors to seriously different shifts or days, adding temporary partitions, etc. This technique is in the must-do group of things that might help balance efficiency and safety.

  • Update cleaning and sanitizing protocols

    This technique is just about the easiest to implement, redefining SOPs for maintenance staff, third-party vendors mostly. Because of this, companies can simply and propose new methods and periodicity of cleaning their workplaces seamlessly, ensuring the safety of employees thus.

  • Enhance building security with visitor management

    Limiting who is able to go to the office, be it a vendor, customer, or any person, today is another solution to ensure workplace safety. Moreover, many companies have realized that several face-to-face meetings weren’t warranted, saving enough time and money of most parties involved thereby.

  • Develop contact tracing protocols

    Billions were spent all over the world attempting to do contact tracing. Facility Managers will be well-advised not to throw away cash and time, isolate those that show any observeable symptoms, and keep following COVID safety protocols .

Workplace Safety with QuickFMS Facilities Management Software

In a nutshell, efficiency has been suffering from WFH practices before two years surely. The time has arrived at ensure employees’ safety and bring forth new suggestions to return to just work at the initial.

It’s been observed that companies implementing Facilities Management Software prior to the pandemic could actually implement a lot of the measures mentioned above easily. It had been possible because all floor was had by them plans, assets, lease agreements, data of employees, etc., well-integrated to create their workplaces safer.

You can certainly do exactly the same by tweaking your projects processes while cutting short the implementation time of the risk mitigation measures. At QuickFMS , our cloud-based facilities management software lets you restructure, organize and run efficiently your workspaces at multiple locations. We can assist you to achieve optimum efficiency while maintaining workplace safety at fine times. Schedule a free of charge, personalized demo of our product modules today!

Amit Prasad may be the founder and managing director of SatNav Technologies and contains business interests in an array of IT products. SatNav Technologies can be an IT products company concentrating on cloud based map data products and a pioneer in GPS, FMS & LBS Technologies. The merchandise suite includes SatTracx in-the-field location based A-mantra and solutions in-the-office facilities management solutions. QuickFMS from a-mantra is really a cloud based facility management system which enhances organization’s efficiency.