Endoscopy Technician – NMC Royal Hospital KLF – Abu Dhabi

Job Overview:

Directs supervises and coordinates the actions in the designated region and ensures good regular of care is supplied.

Duties & Duties:

  • Check, get ready and assemble all machineries, equipment’s, and instruments necessary to procedure prior, predicated on patients procedural requirements.
  • Plan, put into action and measure the peri-procedure nursing treatment directed at patients, undergoing endoscopic processes, is effective and within an organized manner.
  • strictly to the ‘Period OUT’ treatment

  • Adheres
  • Competent in tabs on patients during and write-up sedation / anesthesia
  • Make sure that patients dealing with anesthesia receive optimum treatment and can demonstrate complete understanding in using Aldreth scoring
  • Maintain and update all relevant affected person documentation / medical records according to hospital procedure and plan.
  • In charge of proper storage space, disinfection and usage of the endoscopic scopes and its own accessories
  • In charge of maintaining stock checklist of medications according to hospital policy
  • In charge of maintaining stock checklist of Hazmat products including MSDS according to hospital policy
  • Comes after the reporting mechanisms / chain of order in the nursing providers department. All individual care issues will be and promptly reported correctly.
  • Demonstrates a cost-effective approach to the use of equipment’s and products while assisting the top nurse to maintain a proper ward stock.
  • Demonstrates audio participates and information in fire safety, patient safety, infection manage and another necessary precautions according to hospital policy
  • Takes responsibility for expert clinical practice and will be actively involved with updating and continuing schooling.
  • Takes obligation for the machine in the lack of the top Nurse as assigned
  • Demonstrates stringent adherence to all or any hospital policies and treatments
  • Bears out other responsibilities as instructed by the Nursing Change Supervisor / Nursing Administrator
  • with all OSH and illness control guidelines

  • Comply, standards and techniques and cooperate with medical center administration to comply those specifications
  • Function accordance with the documented OSH instructions and methods, specific responsibilities
  • Know about emergency and evacuation processes
  • Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near problems and misses and advice about the preparation of danger assessments, incident reports
  • Adhere to Waste management treatments and policies
  • Attend relevant OSH/Infection control training applications, mock drills and recognition programs
  • Usage of appropriate personal protective products and safety techniques

1. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE: 1.1 ARE ACCOUNTABLE TO: Gastroenterology And Hepatology Head of the Department 1.2 IN CHARGE OF: To aid all procedures completed in Dept. Hepatology and gastroenterology, such as for example endoscopy, manometry, pH-metry, capsule endoscopy, liver biopsy, others and ultrasound. Maintenance of equipment; reprocessing of endoscopes and reusable accessories, inventory control. Record keeping. 1.3 LIAISES WITH: Nursing staff and Ward boy/ Girl / Infection control team / Patients / Families 2. JOB SUMMARY: In charge of assisting endoscopy along with other GI procedures, record and maintenance keeping of documents. 3. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 3.1 Ensure consent is taken by doctor. 3.2 Explain endoscopy procedures to patient with support of his/her language with pro department staff. To check on about any contraindication to endoscopy or sedation and inform the physician. 3.3 Gives instructions and prepares needed laboratory investigations for patient undergoing endoscopy procedures. Histopathological Biopsy. 3.4 Collaborates with the OPD Supervisor and anesthesia department in scheduling endoscopic examination that will require anesthetist intervention. 3.5 In charge of handling the specimen safely. 3.6 disinfect and Clean scopes and all open accessories according to the manufacturer requirement. 3.7 Adheres to infection control procedures and policies. 3.8 In charge of maintaining the inventory stock as delegated by HOD. 3.9 Performs safety checks to verify functions of equipment. 3.10 Preparing endoscopy room in accordance with endoscopy procedure requirement. 3.11 Participates in virtually any educational activities and attend continuing nursing education activity highly relevant to section of mandatory requirements. Staff Qualification and Education Job Description – Endoscopy Technician FM/SQE/446/03 JOB DESCRIPTION ENDOSCOPY TECHNICIAN DIVISION / DEPT/ SECTION: GASTROENTEROLOGY EMPLOYEE NUMBER: JOINING DATE: NEXT REVIEW DATE: سري / CONFIDENTIAL• Date of Issue: 01/2016 Version 03 Page 2 of 3 3.12 Comply with all infection and OSH control policies, standards and procedures and cooperate with hospital management to comply those requirements 3.13 Work accordance with the documented OSH instructions and procedures, specific responsibilities 3.14 Be familiar with evacuation and emergency procedures 3.15 Notifying OSH Hazards, incidents, Near misses and issues and advice about the preparation of risk assessments, incident reports 3.16 Comply with Waste management policies and procedures 3.17 Attend applicable OSH/Infection control training programs, mock drills and awareness programs 3.18 Use of appropriate personal protective safety and equipment systems 4. QUALIFICATION, LICENSURE, EDUCATION, EXPERIENCE, SPECIAL SKILLS: 4.1 Diploma/ Bachelor in Endoscopy. 4.2 Well knowledge in GI Endoscopy and procedures machines. 4.3 BLS trained. 4.4 Must be fluent in written and spoken English. Arabic speaking desirable however, not essential.

Primary Location
: Royal Khalifa Hospital

Work Locations
: Royal Khalifa Hospital NMC Royal Hospital, Khalifa City Abu Dhabi

: Medical

: NMC Royal Hospital KLF


Job Posting
: Apr 8, 2022, 2:10:23 AM

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