Employee buy-in crucial to digital transformation success

Facilities management companies are failing to maintain their workforce in the centre of these digital transformations, resulting in worker dissatisfaction and hindering the achievement of digitalisation initiatives, brand new research has discovered.

Based on the Connected Business report , made by digital transformation expert Nexer together with used futurist Tom Cheesewright, only 21 % of the facilities administration sector’s workers react positively to the execution of new technology, and 30 % appreciate the advantages of new technologies just.

The record also implies that 12 % of companies find their employees are usually reluctant to embrace brand new technologies, and eight % of business leaders wish to implement more technologies but get worried that they can face resistance from workers.

The analysis suggests that too little adequate consultation and schooling before the implementation of home based business technologies could be behind employees’ negative responses.

Tellingly, simply 28 % of businesses stated that their workforce discovers it easy to figure out how to use new technology, while 37 % mentioned that some or a lot of their employees think it is a struggle.

Colin Crow, MD of Nexer, commented:  “Only once used correctly and regularly can digital solutions create a tangible difference to company outcomes and operations.

“So while it’s important to find the C-Suite on panel in order to protected funding for exciting brand new technology to begin with, it’s just as important that those that will be utilizing the technology day-to-day believe of its advantages.

“To be able to ensure optimum profits on return, businesses should have a collaborative approach always, explaining to workers the reason why behind any new electronic technologies and providing just as much assistance as necessary for them to feel safe with them.”

Based on the research, just eight % of FM businesses’ workers inform them that business technologies improves their day-to-day lifestyle, and another eight % said they regularly receive problems from employees following a implementation of new technologies.

Crow continuing:  “It’s vital that you be aware that while electronic transformation makes companies a lot more profitable, enhances the client experience and allows them to maintain with competitors, it will also enhance the employee experience always.

“In case a new technology won’t ultimately make the everyday responsibilities of workers simpler or even more efficient – following appropriate training – after that it is not the proper technology for that company, and will not be considered a success in the long run likely.”