EMMA Safety Footwear will improve your carbon footprint

Safety Shoes that’s a step forward in taking the surroundings seriously.

EMMA is really a socially responsible brand name that delivers a 100% circular footwear offering that’s set to change just how we buy and make use of safety footwear.

Companies from all market sectors, from structure to production, to logistics, warehousing, retail and office, are making massive strides in sustainability and producing bold open public commitments to enhancing their social effect and encouraging their provide chains to accomplish the same.

Within these efforts, many companies are embracing the circular economic climate and searching for opportunities to get rid of waste and find methods to continually use assets. That’s where EMMA methods directly into be an active area of the corporate sustainability program.

Every little bit of shoes in the EMMA variety is manufactured out of recycled or recyclable components entirely. They’re secure for the surroundings with a 100% ‘circular’ manufacturing, recycling and usage-mapping process for each shoe and shoe produced beneath the EMMA brand.

Area of the Hultafors Team portfolio of market-top PPE brand names, EMMA complements the Strong Gear and Toe Safeguard safety shoes ranges by which includes all the Hultafors Team hallmarks of hi-tech styles that combine excellent materials for ultimate convenience, maximum wellbeing and basic safety at work.

Therefore, to produce a positive social influence in your place of work, if your ordinary security footwear just isn’t adding to your sustainability plan, you can be certain there’s an EMMA item that is.


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For {a lot more} information {check out|go to} www.emmasafetyfootwear.com or {e-mail} {Product sales}@hultaforsgroup.co.{united kingdom}



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