Elior UK and Alzheimer’s Society announce three-year partnership

Agreement caterer, Elior, has introduced a three-yr partnership with Alzheimer’s Modern society, which aims to improve over £100K for the charity.

Within the partnership, Elior shall reveal best practice on great nutrition for dementia sufferers. The caterer offers ambitious plans to create awareness across its 10 also,000-strong workforce by using Alzheimer’s Society’s prosperous Dementia Buddies  program.

Dementia may be the UK’s greatest killer. Somebody develops it every 3 minutes, and there’s no cure currently. Alzheimer’s Society strategies and raises money to invest in help and research individuals living with dementia. They deliver assistance for groups and people – online, in-individual and on the telephone. And they’re transforming the true way the nation sights and responds to dementia through pioneering  Dementia Close friends  initiatives.

Elior UK’s healthcare division, Caterplus, works together with dementia patients in care homes over the UK, keeping them well-nourished with award-winning texture modified food and grazing boxes . Elior chefs, nutritionists and food service staff will undoubtedly be sharing this expertise with Alzheimer’s Society’s networks within the partnership – with the shared goal of helping more folks with dementia to take pleasure from the benefits of a healthy diet plan.

Elior staff will undoubtedly be encouraged to be a part of Alzheimer’s Society’s campaigns over summer and winter, adding their voice to powerful campaigns like Cure the Care System, which campaigns for social care reform. To improve vital funds for the charity, there may also be the chance to try diverse personal and company-led fundraising initiatives such as for example Denim for Dementia.

Elior announced the collaboration internally in the beginning of World Alzheimer’s Month, issuing a national demand Charity Champions to operate a vehicle the cause forward over the continuing business. Following the month ends work begins in earnest, when fundraising targets are set, and a calendar of fundraising opportunities communicated to staff.

Charlotte Wright, Elior Head of CSER said: “We’re delighted to announce this collaboration. It’s a robust cause, which touches so many lives over the UK. Not surprisingly, it doesn’t obtain the recognition it deserves as challenging many people have a problem with within their everyday lives. That’s why we’re particularly worked up about using the possibility to start a dialogue with the huge proportion of our workers that are touched by Alzheimer’s disease along with other types of dementia.

“To create awareness internally, we’ve ambitious targets to upskill our workforce to become Dementia Friends by the ultimate end of the 3 years. After all, this can not merely improve our services with one of these client groups, it shall also help staff to empathise with the challenges and obtain fully behind the reason.”

Siobhan Nugent, Head of Regional Engagement at Alzheimer’s Society, welcomed the announcement:  “We have been absolutely thrilled with this significant new three-year partnership with Elior, particularly at what’s this type of challenging time for folks suffering from dementia.

“The coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for families over the UK, where you can find around 850 currently,000 people coping with the condition. People suffering from dementia need us as part of your now, however the pandemic financially has hit us hard, despite an unprecedented demand for the services.

“The amount of money can help us reach and support more folks through our vital services which were used over six million times since March 2020 and also have been a lifeline to thousands.”

Six steps to facilities management in the post-pandemic world

As workplaces start and restrictions lift the role of the FM is becoming more important than ever before.

The challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic are actually providing a valuable chance of FMs to show their skills and adaptability. Whilst on a practical level FMs have the effect of making buildings comfortable and safe, they’re crucial in attracting people back again to the office also.

In talking to industry leaders, it really is clear that we now have six key regions of focus. Zip has published a white paper which talks about each one, suggesting techniques facilities managers can tackle the pace and complexities of a go back to the workplace, whilst demonstrating clear and effective leadership across the real way.

For more information download the white paper here .