Electrical Maintenance Technician (nuclear) – Nawah Energy Company

Job Description

Job Purpose:

To lead and perform electrical maintenance focus on the Barakah Nuclear Power Plants. 

Work involves conducting Periodic Testing, Preventative Maintenance, Corrective Surveillance and Maintenance Testing of safety and non-safety-related Structures, Components and systems. 

Technicians must read/review the maintenance task and associated documentation, conduct the maintenance activity relative to the procedure, perform and troubleshoot corrective actions as required, and update the equipment/maintenance record on the computerized maintenance management system. 

Knowing of and adherence to the Nuclear Safety Standards, Quality Assurance Standards, Health, and Safety Environmental and Standards Protection Standards is vital.

Key Activities:

Conducting Maintenance Activities

  • Review and comprehend ‘work packages’ and the average person requirements of the maintenance activity/activities.
  • Perform proper and timely preparation and staging of maintenance work activities including however, not limited by the submission of procurement requests on the computerised system for equipment spare parts and special tools to make sure that maintenance activities are properly resourced.
  • Sign-on to Work to authorize the task to commence on structure Clearances, system or component also to make sure that the ongoing work could be conducted safely.
  • Lead/Attend and take part in Pre-Job Briefs to make sure that all requirements of the maintenance task are understood – including however, not limited to risky or high complexity activities, safety aspects (both nuclear and conventional), and parallel work activities.
  • Conduct a variety of maintenance activities to the best standard and completely adherence to the maintenance and safety procedures and processes.
  • Conduct system/equipment troubleshooting to recognize system faults or defects and take the required corrective action(s) to make sure that issues are resolved regularly.
  • Lead/Attend Post-Job Reviews to make sure that any learning from the task activity is discussed and recorded so the learning could be incorporated in to the process or procedures.
  • Make use of the Corrective Action Program (CAP) to record plant deficiencies and improve performance.
  • Record the completion of maintenance activates and any relevant maintenance findings on the computerized maintenance management system.
  • Support the production of Self Assessments to supply self-critical and useful improvement.

Safe Working and Behaviours

  • Strictly stick to the Nawah Safe practices policies, processes, procedures and instructions during all areas of work/employment to make sure that the best standards of safety are maintained.adhere and
  • Align behaviors to the Enterprise ‘LEAD AT SITE’ values of Lead, Enable, Align, Direction, Accountability, Teamwork, Safety, Integrity, Excellence and trust.

‘Fix it Now’ (FIN) Team, On-Call and Emergency Response Organisation (ERO) Support

  • As required (just a percentage of technicians will undoubtedly be necessary to perform these duties), support the operating plant by following continuous shift working pattern as a FIN Team member to react to out-of-hours breakdowns.
  • As required (just a percentage of technicians will undoubtedly be necessary to perform these duties) support the On-Call Rota or the Emergency Response Organisation (ERO) when you are available to react to a breakdown or a meeting beyond normal working hours

Excellence and Quality Management

  • Ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement through the elimination of waste, following operations procedures, practicing innovation, problem-solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System procedures and policies; receiving and providing constructive feedback; and striving to meet up quality stakeholder and standards expectations. 
  • Ensure Commitment to the Nawah LEAD and Fundamentals AT SITE values.


Qualifications and Work Experience

  • In possession of a “Technician” certificate or equivalent certification
  • In possession of a “Technician” certificate (or equivalent) And also a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering.

Maintenance Experience

  • 5 years of maintenance experience in the Nuclear sector.  
  • Furthermore, as the very least technicians Will need to have experience in at the very least two of the next areas:
  • Operational high hazard processes.
  • Regulatory required safety structures, components or systems.
  • Radiological controlled areas

Basic Qualifications (Will need to have A lot of the following)

  • Electrical Worker
  • Electrical Drawings 
  • Usage of Electrical Hand Tools 
  • Perform Cable Termination
  • Measuring and Connections and Test Equipment for Electrical 
  • Perform Bolting/Torqueing
  • Maintain Lighting System (Plant, MCR, RSR)

Intermediate Qualifications (Will need to have A lot of the following)

  • Maintain Inverters and UPS
  • Maintain Regulating Transformers
  • Maintain Battery Chargers
  • Inspect Direct Current Ground Detector
  • Maintain Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Maintain Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Maintain 480V load circuit breaker (LC)
  • Maintain Medium Voltage Switchboards
  • Maintain Reactor Trip Switchgear (RTSG)
  • Maintain Motor Control Centers (MCC)
  • Maintain Electrical Penetrations
  • Maintain Pressurizer Heaters
  • Maintain Pressurizer Heater Control Panel
  • Maintain Medium Voltage Motors
  • Maintain Emergency Diesel Generator
  • Maintain Essential Chiller Motor
  • Maintain Low Voltage AC Motor
  • Maintain DC motors
  • Keep up with the control panel of the Motor Generator Set
  • Maintain Generator of the motor generator set
  • Maintain coolant system of the Isolated Phase Bus (IPB)
  • Maintain Heat Trace System
  • Maintain Cathodic Protection System
  • Maintain MOV (Motor Operated Valve)
  • Maintain Fuel Handling Area Monorail (Inspection)
  • Maintain Underwater Lighting
  • Maintain Equipment Hatch – Electrical Equipment
  • Plant Electrical Breaker Operation
  • Maintain Fire Detection System Alarm Circuit
  • Maintain Automatic Voltage Regulator System
  • Maintain Main Generator: ONLINE Shaft Voltage and Current Monitoring Brush
  • Maintain Electrical Heaters
  • Inspect Main Power Transformers (Main, SAT, UAT, Excitation)
  • Maintain Transformer Tap Changer (On Load + Off Load)
  • Maintain Personnel Airlock – Electrical Equipment
  • Maintain High Tension (HT) SPV Cables and Connections
  • Disassemble/Reassemble of Low Voltage AC Motors
  • Disassemble/Reassemble of DC Voltage Motors
  • Maintain Disconnecting/Earthing Switch
  • Install Grounding Trucks and Cable

Specialty Qualifications (Will need to have at the least x2 from the next)

  • Disassemble/Reassemble The different parts of Inverter/UPS
  • Disassemble/Reassemble The different parts of Battery Charger
  • Replace Lead-Acid Battery
  • Commission new Lead-Acid Battery
  • Maintain generator exciter and conduct performance test
  • Overhaul Vacuum Circuit Breakers
  • Overhaul Reactor Trip Switchgear Breaker (RTSG)
  • Maintain Main AC Generator
  • Maintain CT, PT, and neutral point transformer for Main Generator
  • Maintain isolated-phase-bus (IPB)
  • Replace Large Transformers (Main, UAT, SAT, Excitation)
  • Maintain Protection Relays
  • Overhaul Emergency Diesel Generator
  • Maintain Fuel Handling Equipment
  • Maintain Spent Fuel Handling Machine (SFHM)
  • Maintain Fuel Handling Area Overhead Crane (FHAOC)
  • Maintain New Fuel Elevator (NFE)
  • Maintain Fuel Transfer System (FTS)
  • Maintain Control Element Assembly Change Platform (CEACP)
  • Keep up with the Refueling Machine (RM)
  • Keep up with the Polar Crane (PC)
  • Keep up with the Stud Tensioner Machine
  • Maintain Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)
  • Battery Performance Test
  • Disassembly/Reassembly of MV Motors
  • Disassembly and Assembly of Essential Chiller Motor


Electrical Engineering

Job Details

Job Location
United Arab Emirates

Company Industry
GAS Distribution

Company Type
Employer (Public Sector)

Job Role
Maintenance, Repair, and Technician

Employment Type

Monthly Salary Range

Amount of Vacancies

Preferred Candidate

Career Level
Mid Career

Years of Experience
Min: 5

Bachelor’s degree / higher diploma

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