Electrical Engineer with 7 years experience and valid DL


I’m a power Engineer with 7 years of experience in EPC, MEP projects. I keep responsibilities relating to the Site Execution and Planning; Quality Implementation from material review, selection/approval, site documentations and inspection, Procurement. I’m always involved with making decision if a concern arises that may cause a direct effect to the project’s integrity. I’m ready to contribute my gained experiences meeting the planned project completion simultaneously assuring the standards and the best quality necessary.
Producing BOQs, Quotation (Pricing), and Preparing Invoices for New maintenance and projects works.
Planning Shop drawings (Electrical, Plumbing, Drainage network)
Preparation of electrical load schedule, SLD and designs for electrical are per site (as- constructed)
Ending up in consultant, municipalities authorities and clients for the approval of drawing and increasing inspection
rescheduling work relative to to client and contractor priority
Procurement, preparation of LPOs and Collection of materials.
Weekly coordination with MEP team
Prepare reviews, maintain inventories, maintain accurate records, order equipment and supplies
Documentation of work performed on the website and assisting your client in the inspection
Supervision of just work at the site and follow-up SOP relating to DEWA, SEWA standards
Checking installing site work, which includes MDB SMDB Capacitor bank wiring etc.
Stay up-to-date with the technological advances in surveillance of equipment.
1) Al Marwah Electromechanical LLC
Sharjah, UAE (Mar 01, 2017 – Mar 31, 2021)

a) MEP Maintenance Engineer (electric, mechanical, plumbing & HVAC)

• Install new equipment in accordance with customer requirements, and perform initial optimization and screening procedures to make sure correct and efficient operation.
• Disassemble malfunctioning equipment/circuits when essential to locate damaged parts, and full repairs making use of specialized tools.
• Manage whole-building electric and mechanical techniques, including completing routine maintenance, performing efficiency checks, repairing, and recommending upgrades necessary when.
• Coordinate with other technicians to boost integration of multiple techniques within large buildings.
• Assist with apprenticeship program by mentoring new technicians and supplying constructive feedback to boost quality of work.
b) Electrical site engineer
G+4 Developing project in Moweila, Sharjah
c) Site Engineer
Pumping Station, Sharjah Municipality Drainage section(SMDD)
(EPS 6 Main STP industrial region, Consultant CH2M)
a) Installing VFD, Motor and controls
b) HDPE pipes Digital and butt fusion (90,110,160,200)
2) Style Engineering Internship – Electrical CAD
Cadd Centre, Kerala- India (Oct. 2016 – Feb 2017)

3) TARGET Engineering Building Co. Qatar
(May. 2013 – Aug 2016)

a) Site Electrical Engineer
Qatar Petroleum Halul Island
(October 25, august 12 2015 -, 2016)
I held the responsibilities of Web site Structure Management of the Qatar Petroleum NEW TELECOM & SECURITY NEW and BUILDING NORTHERN/ WESTERN EXTENSION ROAD AT HALUL ISLAND.

b) Project Site Engineer ( Design and Test/Commissioning)
Qatar Primary Materials Company
GABBRO Terminal Expansion Project
(April 07, 2015 to Oct. 14, 2015)
I was in charge of the next:
– Assembly of new Strength Transformers in Primary Substations including all of the accessories. With the Vendor together, I handled all relevant activities from Oil Sampling/Testing to Transformer Oil Filling. I assisted owner in Check/Commissioning activities such as for example Scheme Function and Check out Test.
– Erection of brand-new 33Kv GIS Switchgears and 11Kv Air Insulated Switchgears (ABB). I assisted owner in Check/Commissioning activities of CT/VT Check, Busbar Conductivity Check, Scheme Check and Functionality Test.
– Installing Control/Protection Panels, LV Switchboards, UPS Cable and System Management System.
– Supervision of Power and Control Cabling and Termination.

c) Web site Electrical Engineer /Assistant Ensure that you Commissioning Engineer
Qatar Fertilizer Business Project
(November 02, april 06 2014 to, 2015)
I led the company’s group with regards to the adhering to scopes:
QAFCO Plant 1 and QAFCO Plant 2.
-Set up of Uninterruptible POWER. Assisted the UPS Vendor during Testing and Commissioning of the brand new UPS System. Restructuring of the plant lighting system through segregation of 30% plant lighting circuits to be utilized as Emergency Lighting in the plant.

d) Maintenance Electrical Engineer-Facility management
Doha Festival City Project (June 25, october 29 2014 to, 2014)
I held the responsibilities of Web site facility Management of the Doha festival City

e) Web site Electrical Engineer
Qatar Petroleum Halul Island

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