Electrical Engineer Required (Minimum 05 years UAE Experience Mandatory)


With the Project Management/Structure Supervision team, the Task Electrical Engineer shall business lead and manage implementation of most site-based electrical inspectors.

• Provide energetic support and technical guidance of the site-based industry audit (QAQC) and examination functions.

• Confirms program and product features by creating feasibility and testing strategies and properties.

• Establishing structure, installation or manufacturing specifications or specifications by carrying out an array of detailed calculations.

• Ensuring compliance with specifications, codes, or customer needs by coordinating or directing set up, manufacturing, construction, upkeep, documentation, testing or support activities.

• Writing reviews and compiling information regarding existing and possible electrical engineering tasks and studies.

• Preparing specs for purchases of electric equipment and components.

• Supervising or training project associates.

• Estimating materials, labor, or construction charges for budget preparation.

• Maintaining electric equipment.

• Develops Electric and Electromechanical items by studying client specifications; testing and researching production and assembly strategies and materials; and soliciting observations from operators.

• Assures program and product high quality by designing tests methods; testing finished program and product capabilities; and confirming fabrication, assembly, and installation processes.

• Establish and keep maintaining the flow of high quality information and documentation on the list of Project Management Group, the contractors along with other stakeholders as necessary.

• Participate actively in the Management Group and have a lead function in the next:

• Identification of project- electrical related conditions that have the possible of adversely impacting the contractual commitments and the entire service(s) operability.

• Ensuring Task programs and procedures are reflective of most electrical on-site functions.

• Participate actively in the documentation and reporting of contractual non-conformances along with other related issues.

• Actively take part in site meetings and offer proactive ongoing support to the website management teams. Participate in Head Office support when required

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