Electric Vehicle Charging Solution For Small, Mid-Sized Commercial Buildings

Intelligent power network service provider GridPoint has released its brand new building-centric electrical automobile (EV) charging solution. GridPoint requires a whole building method of managing customers’ peak requirement fees by analyzing and handling load across many controllable, grid-interactive possessions from a single system, including HVAC, illumination and EV chargers right now. Customers may also enroll EV chargers along with other eligible building loads into automated demand response (Auto-DR) programs, which deliver additional savings and support a cleaner, more reliable grid.

Because the environment crisis worsens and the economic climate shifts from fossil fuels to cleaner distributed power resources, buildings over the country-from car sellers to chain dining places to grocery stores-are setting up on-site EV chargers. Nevertheless, they don’t necessarily possess visibility into how those installations shall impact their energy costs.

GridPoint’s technologies platform means that EV chargers along with other property are operating as effectively and cost-effectively as you possibly can. Smart handle and scheduling techniques identify and invite customers to regulate charging based on periods of peak demand while helping grid program participation, such as for example income generating Auto-DR. The brand new EV solution furthermore monitors real-time intake and insights on building use trends over time. It really is technology agnostic and will submeter and handle any charging program.

The commercial building great things about the EV charging solution also translate to raised outcomes for the grid. A far more distributed energy system means the supply and demand curve on the grid can be changing. Grid and utilities operators would like visibility into energy use changes, along with the capability to cohesively manage more assets. Increasing on-site efficiency and having additional resources like EV chargers to ask for demand response events permits more reliability and flexibility.

“EV charging is now an extremely common feature in commercial buildings in the united states with new infrastructure investments, shifting policies, and growing consumer demand,” said GridPoint CEO Mark Danzenbaker. “We’re helping small and mid-sized commercial sites understand and control their EV charging stations along with other on-site energy resources using one integrated system. Our smart charging, building-centric approach means that a whole building is working as a unit to be able to optimize savings and reduce demand on the grid. These kinds of grid-interactive assets are critical to a trusted and clean energy system.”

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