Eiffel Tower Cooling Features Honeywell Low-GWP Refrigerant

7 days

This, Honeywell introduced that its ultra low-global-warming-possible (GWP) refrigerant technologies is supporting a fresh coolant system at the Eiffel Tower. The set up, which utilizes Honeywell’s Solstice® ze (R-1234zelectronic) refrigerant, supplies the tower’s west pillar having an energy conserving and cost-effective option that reduces greenhouse gasoline emissions. The pillar houses the Eiffel Tower Website visitor Information Center in addition to a souvenir store and a hydraulic raise that ascends 300 meters to sweeping views on the town of Paris.

Photo: Adobe Share/Ekaterina Belova

The Société d’Exploitation de la Trip Eiffel (SETE), which operates the tower, changed its aging program run with higher-GWP refrigerant R-407C with a contemporary program incorporating Honeywell’s alternative and equipment supplied by component producer AF Power and French refrigeration expert ALM Froid. The answer met SETE’s strict requirements to changeover to a high-executing, sustainable program with an increase of reliability, energy effectiveness, and improved protection to meet EU rules and decrease its carbon footprint.

In conjunction with the variable rate of AF Energy’s compressors and condensers, Solstice ze delivered energy performance surpassing SETE’s previous coolant system far. Compared to R-407C, that includes a higher GWP of 1774, Solstice ze comes with an ultra-low GWP of just one 1, that is 99.9% less than the legacy refrigerant.

“The coolant system released by Honeywell, ALM AF and Froid Power provides a unique mixture of sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, toughness and zero-maintenance,” stated Fabrice Fevai, ascent section supervisor at the Société d’Exploitation de la Visit Eiffel (SETE). “The Eiffel Tower is among the most visited websites globally, and we’ve implemented several initiatives to lessen carbon footprint, from 2015 with installing wind turbines to supply a clean way to obtain energy. Utilizing a new cooling program allows the site to become also eco-friendlier for upcoming generations to take pleasure from.”

“Solstice ze offers a long-term, environmentally cost-efficient and preferable treatment for tourist landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, helping them to improve energy efficiency and decrease carbon emissions,” mentioned Julien Soulet, vice president and general supervisor, Honeywell Fluorine Products European countries. “Globally, demand keeps growing for options like Solstice Honeywell’s and ze additional Solstice solutions, which were chosen to cool main structures, like the Eurotunnel, due to the benefits they offer for businesses to meet sustainability targets.”

Honeywell’s breakthrough Solstice® hydrofluoroolefin (HFO) technologies, which helps customers satisfy environmental, interpersonal, and governance (ESG) objectives, improves energy effectiveness without sacrificing end-product efficiency. It is found in various programs, which includes refrigerants for supermarkets, air-con for trucks and vehicles, blowing brokers for insulation, propellants for private and household treatment, and solvents for cleansing options.

Honeywell has invested $1 billion in research, advancement, and new convenience of the technologies, having anticipated the necessity for lower-GWP answers to combat climate alter more than a 10 years ago. Worldwide adoption of Solstice items has avoided potential discharge of the same as a lot more than 250 million metric a great deal of carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere, year add up to eliminating the possible emissions from a lot more than 52 million cars for just one.

Predicated on Honeywell’s HFO technologies, Solstice ze will be non-ozone-depleting. It is created for medium stress chillers to cool huge buildings, infrastructure projects, procedure chillers in refrigeration apps, district heating and cooling, high-temperature temperature pumps, and medium-temp self-included refrigeration cabinets.

Honeywell recently focused on achieve carbon neutrality in its facilities and functions by 2035. This dedication builds on the company’s history of sharply decreasing the greenhouse fuel intensity of its procedures and facilities along with its decades-long background of innovation to greatly help its clients meet their environment and social targets. About 50 % of Honeywell’s new item introduction research and growth investment decision is directed toward items that improve environment and interpersonal outcomes for clients.