EarthTronics Debuts Color & Wattage Selectable LED Strip Series

EarthTronics Debuts Colour & Wattage Selectable Directed Strip Collection

EarthTronics’ Color & Wattage Selectable Brought Strip Series is made for general and high-bay illumination in a number of facility types.

EarthTronics introduced its Colour & Wattage Selectable Directed Strip Series for common and high-bay lighting within manufacturing, retail, and new industrial facilities.

Obtainable in 48″ and 96″ fittings, the LED Strip Collection allows facilities to change between 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K during set up and three wattages to guarantee the correct illumination degree and the required color temperatures for the best efficiency.

The 48″ Colour & Wattage Selectable Brought Strip provides 130 lumens per watt with a higher 80+ CRI for high-quality visible acuity. Established at 22-, 28-, and 40-watts, the strip lighting creates 2860, 3640, and 5200 preliminary lumens respectively. The 96″ Colour & Wattage Selectable Directed Strip can be established at 65-, 75-, and 90-watts to provide 8450, 9750, and 11700 preliminary lumens respectively.

The Strip Light Series comes with an optional multi-perform occupancy sensor and a crisis back-up power provide, which can be suited to both devices. They function 180° beam position and acknowledge 120 – 277-volt AC power. They are equipped regular with a 0 – 10-volt constant dimming driver with a dimming variety capacity for 10% to 100%.

THE COLOUR & Wattage Selectable Brought Strip Collection is UL 1598 ideal for damp and dried out locations. Your body of the fittings are constructed with durable metal with a frost polycarbonate zoom lens for long-term efficiency. The easy-to-install lighting will perform in temperatures which range from -4°F to 122°F with a rated performance lifestyle of 50,000 hrs and includes a five-year restricted warranty.

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