DMP 1100T Wireless Translator

The 1100T Wifi Translator from DMP enables alarm businesses to upgrade their clients’ existing cellular sensors (non-DMP techniques). It is made to translate one-method, low-frequency, wifi transmitters. The product works with with transmitters that operate at different MHz such as for example DSC (433 MHz), Interlogix (319.5 MHz), Honeywell 5800 (345 MHz), and 2GIG Collection (345 MHz).

With this particular one device, users may take over these techniques and improve them to DMP panels, receivers, and software management equipment. The 1100T Wi-fi Translator can be certified for industrial and residential smoke cigarettes detection and is as a result appropriate for life safety gadgets. Keeping current transmitters and sensors set up saves the customer cash and reduces their degree of interruptions with quicker installations.

The 1100T communicates to a DMP panel via DMP’s 1100 Series receivers’ wireless link. It is made to understand in zones to support the panel’s maximum amount of supported sensors. According to the panel, one 1100T can find out in 32 to 48 zones with XT panels, 99 zones with XTL panels, 100 zones with XR150 panels, and 128 zones with XR550 panels.

Non-DMP functioning transmitters and sensors may be used to send event still, supervision, and low electric battery text messages to the panel.

DMP’s Two-Way Wireless runs on the 900 MHz frequency-hopping spread-spectrum. This ensures clear and accurate signal transmissions without interference in virtually any environment practically. Furthermore, the 1100T Cellular Translator offers Study LED features and communicates with the 1100 Receiver directly, allowing one person to verify conversation with the panel or even receiver.

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