Digitize Lean Construction Planning & Collaboration

RefinemySite from Robert Bosch Power Equipment GmbH , a division of the Robert Bosch Team, is really a digital construction web site platform which allows teams to program, communicate, and record jobsite adjustments in real-period. Using Lean management concepts as helpful information, the cloud-based software program improves work visibility, conversation, and collaboration to improve jobsite efficiency.

RefinemySite by Bosch assists construction firms effectively utilize Lean Structure Institute’s (LCI) Final Planner Program by digitizing and documenting workflow elements:

  • Process Evaluation: clarify the logic behind programs and structures with insight from all participating associates
  • Milestone Preparing: define and clarify goals weekly for every phase of the task
  • Six-Weeks Look-Forward: makes tasks prepared with constraint indicators noticeable to all associates
  • Everyday Huddles and Weekly Preparing: get ready, review, and coordinate function between trades through time cards that add better clearness of workflow
  • Continuous Enhancement: evaluation task planning reliability, obviously identifying regions of improvement which will support project achievement

Lean management concepts improve efficiency by valuing individuals and empowering associates to optimize procedures and remove inefficiencies.

With RefinemySite, the task information typically captured on sticky information and whiteboards becomes easy to get at via the cloud system on computers and intelligent devices to all associates in real-period from any place.

Through one-time sign up, the lean construction system having an intuitive and user-helpful design gives site supervisors and industry contractors a welcome device for real-time updates. Structured to well-known social media marketing platforms similarly, RefinemySite empowers those that perform the ongoing function to share in the look of the work.

RefinemySite can make jobsites more appealing to trade contractors giving them clear details in reducing common pain factors like business stacking, unavailable products, unreliable materials deliveries, and incorrect period estimates. This dynamic electronic Lean device encourages everyone onsite to donate to a project’s outlined targets and retains meetings concise and action-oriented.

The Utility Connect Project lately simulated the usage of the system on a Clayco building project. The result? With RefinemySite to boost real-time conversation and collaboration, the project may have preserved $300,000 to $500,000 in work and direct costs. These findings align with the full total results construction firms over the USA and Europe have recognized by implementing RefinemySite.

“The impetus behind establishing RefinemySite was to produce a digital enhance to traditional Lean procedures that improves conversation, accountability, and insight across every stage of a task,” explains Rafael Franca, mind of business RefinemySite THE UNITED STATES, Robert Bosch Tool Company. “It’s what we’ve discovered today’s leaders are searching for. A 2018 record by EY that surveyed 80+ leading structure and engineering companies discovered that 98% of respondents agreed that electronic solutions will undoubtedly be critical to the continuing future of their businesses. RefinemySite by Bosch was created to fit that clients and mold such as for example Bycor General Contractors, Clayco, Fluor, Gilbane, Okland Construction, and Whiting-Turner, and many more in North European countries and America, are seeing results already. In the last 12 months, 300 tasks have tested and accepted RefinemySite by Bosch.”

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