Crestron Expands Content Distribution Platform

Crestron , a provider of workplace technologies, announced the latest development of its flagship DM NVX® AV-over-IP transmission distribution system. The DM-NVX-360 and DM-NVX-363 (with downmix and Dante® support) versions for articles distribution enable assistance for the most recent industry standards and platforms, including AES67, Dolby Eyesight®, HDR10+, and POE+.


DM NVX technology transports ultra-high-definition 4K60 4:4:4 video over regular Gigabit Ethernet without perceptible latency or lack of quality. Using standard system CAT5electronic and switches UTP wiring, a DM NVX program delivers a digital matrix routing solution that’s infinitely scalable for business or campus-wide 4K content material distribution applications. Expert onboard scaling, HDR (Higher Dynamic Range) assistance, and HDCP 2.3 compliance ensure image compatibility and high quality for today’s varied mass media sources.

The DM NVX system features advanced safety and encryption standards. format agnostic, multi-layered technologies combines image high quality, zero-latency, and complete manage and management. DM NVX can be an ecosystem of endpoints made to utilize a user’s protection and network protocols. One platform delivers movie, audio, USB, and manage.

DM NVX supplies the ability to shift articles throughout any workplace dynamically, meeting room, service, across a campus, or about the global world. AV system designers, experts, IT managers, and customers alike need feature-wealthy and secure content material distribution solutions that may scale as their requirements do.

“In today’s climate, it really is becoming more crucial than to talk about content safely and safely in virtually any space ever,” said Alex Peras, Supervisor, Digital Media Product Administration at Crestron. “With this next-generation DM NVX items, it’s an easy task to architect, deploy, distribute, and control crystal-clear articles in a trusted and safe method across a huge selection of end-factors on any network, anyplace.”


The DM-NVX-360 and DM-NVX-363 are small AV-over-IP encoders/decoders made to work as either transmitters or receivers. As encoders, the HDMI is permitted by them transmission of a laptop, camera, or other press resource to be transmitted on the network to 1 or several decoders. As decoders, the DM‑NVX‑360 and DM‑NVX‑363 have the signal from the DM NVX encoder and feed it to a screen gadget via the HDMI result. The decoders can easily and easily change between several encoders on the system alongside a locally linked HDMI supply.

Able to handle system AV installations of any dimension, the DM-NVX-360 and DM-NVX-363 feature safe web-based management and manage, a scaling HDMI result, video wall processing, an analog audio result or input, indigenous AES67 transmit and receive capability, USB 2.0 and KVM integration, and assistance for fiber and copper Ethernet connectivity. The DM‑NVX‑363 includes surround sound audio with downmixing and native Dante® support also.

Crestron’s Pixel Ideal Processing technology means that every image, static or dynamic, is as good because the source in 4K high quality. From executive keynotes to video clip conferences, or live activities to virtual learning, movie and audio content could be distributed to any place for a good immersive and engaging end-user experience.

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