Creating the world’s smartest university campus

The University of Birmingham together with Siemens is wanting to generate the smartest university campus on the planet.

By combining electronic analytics and sensor technology, artificial intelligence, decentralised power storage and generation, renewable energy and principles that help change customers’ behaviour, both organisations are looking to change the university’s Dubai and Edgbaston campuses in to the world’s smartest worldwide campus, creating a ‘Living Laboratory’ where research, teaching and learning all reap the benefits of usage of new connectivity and information.

The ‘Residing Lab’ shall capture information from the university’s building technologies, estates energy and infrastructure vegetation and utilize it for innovation, R&D activities, along with teaching. Scrutinising energy requirement and production – from techniques to individual customers/producers (prosumers) – with reside data from over the sites offers a unique chance of applied studying for college students and creates a system for cutting-edge analysis.

Siemens will sponsor a united group of PhD studentships at the university located in the united kingdom and Dubai. Their research projects will be co-created by Siemens and the university to handle important challenges in information, technology, urban techniques and the web zero goal.


This, the University of Birmingham can be the first university on earth to roll out Web of Items (IoT) technology at scale. Starting in autumn 2021, the initial phase of the major energy efficiency task shall are the roll out of 23,000 Enlighted IoT sensors over the university estate.

Matthias Rebellius, Managing Board Person in Siemens AG and CEO of Intelligent Infrastructure mentioned:  “Among the largest universities in the united kingdom – with a worldwide community greater than 38,000 learners – the university has already been a power prosumer and these technologies will undoubtedly be more optimised in the machine we are now focusing on together. Partnerships such as this are essential for gathering brand new insights extremely, testing and building new technologies and producing sustainable and efficient energy infrastructure. The university’s campus in Dubai will be a global exemplory case of sustainability at the rescheduled Dubai Expo 2020.”

Professor Tim Jones, Vice-Principal and provost of the University of Birmingham, described the university’s ambitious eyesight: “Our objective would be to deliver the campus into the future, using cutting-advantage technologies to create our campuses within Dubai plus Edgbaston the smartest globally. This can enhance our student encounter, create new development and research opportunities, whilst reducing our carbon footprint significantly.

“Once we approach COP26 in Glasgow this autumn, it really is very clear we are in to the ‘decade of delivery’ for NetZero targets. University-market strategic partnerships, such as for example ours with Siemens, are essential for helping to recognize pathways for switching targets into actuality.”

Furthermore, Siemens will deliver a 10-yr bureau for Energy and IoT providers to make sure that the university reaps the entire potential of both technology and industry knowledge. The university has produced significant progress to make its operations a lot more sustainable already, including achieving its 2020 focus on of decreasing carbon emissions by 20 %. It is constantly seeking to improve the environmental efficiency of its buildings which includes a reduced amount of 2,856 a great deal of CO2 annually, equal to five % of the university’s present emissions.

this year

Earlier, the University of Birmingham registered to the US Global Small – the world’s largest business responsibility initiative – within its commitment to decreasing its environmental footprint and maximising the impact of its study. The University of Birmingham can be a participant in the COP26 Universities Network and can have a existence at the COP26 conference, in Glasgow, november in.

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