CPD Webinar – Industry Guidelines on Indoor Air Quality

Topic: “Business Guidelines on Indoor QUALITY OF AIR”

Date/Period: Feb 24th 2021, 18:00 – 19:00 BST

Sign up for the free webinar on Industry Guidelines on Indoor QUALITY OF AIR. Indoor quality of air has been a significant part of building style and maintenance for more than 100 years. Initially the generate for indoor quality of air was for people in order to work in “healthful” buildings to avoid the spread of illness. With the creation of air-con this arguably resulted in the boom in Ill Creating Syndrome in the 80s. And towards the finish of the 20th century, environmentally friendly impact of air flow ventilation and conditioning grew to become the priority with actually greener and sustainable power initiatives becoming the center point of how structures supplied conditioned atmosphere. In the wake of Covid-19, it appears that disease control element is currently taking the driving chair once more.

About the Speakers
Robert Wollerton spent some time working in the ventilation hygiene sector since 2003, inside a technical role offering specifications, and answers to clients for managing ventilation hygiene within buildings. The forms of options offered consist of ventilation hygiene surveys to measure the cleanliness of ductwork techniques, cleaning of common ventilation/grease extract techniques, indoor quality of air surveys, and fire damper screening. Robert spent some time working on ventilation compliance answers to many types of ventilation techniques, inside a selection of different building conditions and uses. His work mainly involves working to requirements as defined within, BESA TR/19 – Cleanliness Guide to Good Exercise – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Techniques, BS15780 Duct Cleanliness, and HTM 03-01 – Health Specialized Memorandum.

Colin Armstrong joined Ductclean in April 2006 primarily to aid the business enterprise in Ventilation Hygiene tasks which centered on the servicing and cleansing of kitchen extraction techniques. After many years of delivering agreements for clients like the UKs largest supermarket chains, hospitality NHS and businesses, Colin began providing checking and ventilation program surveys and also cleaning of systems. With the actually growing awareness round the importance of quality of air in buildings, Colin started to focus on talking to existing customers and advising them of the greatest practice for ventilation techniques using industry recommendations. Colin has huge operational connection with maintaining the perfect ventilation hygiene in every forms of building and all dimensions of systems.

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