Cortec Dry Boiler Layup Solution

The Boiler Lizard Plus from Cortec® Corporation can be an easy-to-use two-part complete dry-layup set that protects boilers from corrosion completely from shutdown through initial startup. It combines the Boiler Lizard, known for dry layup, with the Boiler Egg, which activates at the ultimate end of boiler layup to safeguard against oxygen pitting through the critical startup phase. Little if any surface prep is necessary, and the products need not be removed when bringing the boiler online.

Step one in applying Boiler Lizard Plus would be to place the Boiler Lizard in the boiler. This can be a safe to take care of product that may replace desiccants completely, silica gel, and nitrogen blanketing. Users can take away the Boiler Lizard from its outer package, slit open its water-soluble inner bag, lay Boiler Lizard in the boiler, and shut all boiler openings. The Boiler Lizard will release Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitors that fill the area and adsorb on the metal surfaces in a protective molecular layer that inhibits corrosion-even in recessed areas and interior cavities of deaerator/FW tanks, boiler internals, and condensate return tanks. With the Boiler Lizard Plus, Cortec’s Boiler Egg is now able to be placed right close to the Boiler Lizard at the start of seasonal or long-term layup. The Boiler Egg lies dormant and intact before boiler is refilled. The Boiler Egg will dissolve and commence to scavenge oxygen and passivate the metal surfaces through the initial filling of the boiler with makeup water, that is unheated rather than yet chemically treated often. Boiler Egg is neutral pH, biodegradable, and non-hazardous by OSHA Standard (OSHA 29 CFT 1910.1200).

The kit provides corrosion protection for to 12 months of boiler layup up, plus corrosion protection through the critical startup phase when oxygen-rich waters are starting to fill up the boiler however the normal chemical working program have not yet been applied.

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