Cori-Seal Systems highlights the hidden fire safety dangers within schools and commercial buildings

Cori-Seal® can be an innovative new option for lacking smoke stoppers within current schools and buildings which have trapezoidal perforated decks or beams within its construction. Because of recent growing problem regarding fire basic safety within the built atmosphere, Cori-Seal® Systems Ltd are suffering from Cori-Seal® to greatly help protect existing structures.

It’s been quoted that out of a 1000 institutions inspected by Zurich Municipals, 2/3 or 66% of the colleges where rated as ‘bad’ for fixed fire items such as sprinklers. Recently Firefighters have been known as out to 2000 school fires within the last three yrs, that is a staggering 40 per month*. Both head to demonstrate that fire security within existing universities is critical and must be urgently examined and re-tackled.

One cause that Cori-Seal® originated is because of parent business Thameside Fire Stopping Ltd finding that many buildings don’t have smoke stoppers installed to their decking (see picture 1). With smoke cigarettes stoppers not being installed into the roof it’ll affect the method of escape and invite smoke to visit into crisis escape routes. Smoke stoppers can’t be retro fitted without main costs and upheaval, so there is absolutely no alternative for a whole seal to overcome this hidden risk.

Image 1

Cori-Seal® may be the perfect answer, you can easily apply generally and is basic to use. It functions by using a patented material on the trapezoidal perforated decks to prevent smoke travelling in to the escape routes (notice image 2). The patented solution is fire has and tested shown to just work at 600°C for half an hour.

Image 2

With several schools and commercial structures lacking compliance items to assist means of escape throughout a fire, it could be noticed that Cori-Seal® may be the ideal solution.

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