Coordinator Facilities Management – Expo 2020 – Dubai

The part of the Operations Assistance Services department would be to manage activities over the event shipping of Expo 2020. Functions Support Services (OSP) includes the next service areas: Facilities Administration Hard and Soft providers (FM), including Cleaning & Waste Administration; Logistics (LOG), including Business Assistance and Fleet Procedures (FOP).

The Coordinator, Facilities Administration is in charge of supporting the Supervisor with oversight and functionality management of the PROVIDERS delivering services of their zone.

The primary responsibilities of the function include:

  • In charge of the administration of the Functions Support Services within their zone;
  • Integrate with other Useful Areas to arrange for the ongoing administration of the area during functions for the Operational Help Services;
  • Making certain all policies and processes are adhered to, specifically to include almost all accountabilities and responsibilities linked to the Expo 2020 Safe practices Policy and assurance specifications;
  • Collaborate with other useful areas, such as for example Ceremonies, International Location and Participants Management about ensuring a seamless shipping of Operational Support Providers;
  • Ensure contractual compliance of PROVIDERS across that reaches monitoring Key Efficiency Indicator’s and resolving overall performance gaps;
  • Any duties as could be requested by the Administration Team reasonably.

1+ years’ years which were in an identical role working inside a highly powerful and complex environment, with specific experience linked to Soft or Hard Solutions facility operations, along with:

  • A bachelor’s degree inside a relevant industry;
  • Knowing Hard and Soft Providers operational dependencies, effect on other features and non-operational directorates;
  • Experience in employed in a multi-cultural organisation, GCC area;
  • Experience in dealing with senior level Authorities multi-agency and companions stakeholders;
  • Communicates nicely and from Director/Executive level right down to large groups of workforce e regularly.g. volunteers;
  • A knowledge of Soft Services Service Management, and Waste materials contractors in the UAE / Dubai.

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