Role Purpose:

  • To set up, manage and guide the non-IT category below VMCP department including Amenities Management, Real Estate Projects, General and administration Services.
  • deliver an optimized support

  • To, quality and cost providing to the clients of Procurement (each internal and externally)
  • recognize

  • To, understand and contribute towards the long-term goals of VMCP also to support the HO-VMCP within the execution of the Procurement Company transformation Plans
  • To deputize for the relative mind of Section and manage the group’s performance & deliverables across designated spend categories

Strategic / Relational:
Manage & deliver a specialist Procurement service, and fairly consistently, based on the corporate plans and that encourages a environment of openness, rely on, empowerment, dependability
Develop or take part in developing Procurement Plans and procedures, and ensure continuous enhancement of exactly the same.
Promote utilizing advanced technologies to optimize/automate conduction of procurement actions
Develop or take part in establishing departmental staffing programs
Identify and implement class general market trends plans, demand problem, Vendor bottom rationalization & provide chain risk administration.
Put into action advanced procurement strategies (Just with time, agility, feasibility, performance, effectiveness & waste-elimination routines )
Work carefully with various stakeholders to program, streamline & enhance procedure workflows to ensure ideals for ADIB
Undertake Suppliers relationship administration responsibilities ( Contractual, relational and reputational issues ) and market a transparent and ethical procurement method for ADIB externally
Conduct benchmarking against worldwide best exercise, identify gap and create changes to VMVP provide to stakeholders.

Leads a whole end to get rid of Procurement services for assigned spend categories (FM, Projects, Administration, General Services)
Understand, discuss, and challenge Procurement requirements with requester to make sure legitimacy, comprehensiveness, clearness and suggestions about best approach
Manage and facilitate guidelines in the procurement of services essential for the effective and efficient operations of ADIB
Conduct procurement activities with the best degree of customer services, ethical standards, fairness, transparency and always operate in a responsive and a responsible way
Develop standardized Projects Procurement Technique for ADIB
Develop ADIB standard templates for Instruction to Tenderers and Contracts Conditions, and ensure continuous improvement of exactly the same.
Participate in identifying the standardized Tender Technical Evaluation Criteria for technical evaluation of contractors
Review & Manage Tenders/RFPs
Support the category customers in high-risk high-worth procurement engagements (technique preparing, negotiations, risk managements, etc.)
Record administrative, tender and contractual related risks and develop mitigation plans.
Ensure the maintenance and Development of updated records of tendering for future reference and decision producing.
Coordinate Audit Specifications, discuss results and implement agreed solutions

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