CNC Programmer


Job Description
We have been looking to hire an experienced CNC programmer to use and keep maintaining our CNC equipment. As a CNC programmer, you will be responsible for reading through and interpreting technical blueprints, inputting the look specifications, adjusting the device cutting paths, and executing quality checks on the ultimate product. You may even be asked to perform routine machine maintenance and troubleshoot any conditions that arise during the production process.
To have success as a CNC Programmer, you ought to have extensive experience employed in manufacturing, an enthusiastic eye for detail, and the capability to work unsupervised. Ultimately, a top-class CNC programmer efficiently works fast and, ensuring the specifications are usually met by almost all products of your client.
CNC Programmer Responsibilities:
• Reading through and interpreting technical blueprints and design models.
• Loading recycleables in to the CNC machine.
• Inputting the merchandise design in to the computer modeling software.
• Choosing and loading the right reducing tools for the work.
• Adjusting machine settings to the required product specifications.
• Troubleshooting issues through the production process.
• Finishing quality control tests through the production stage and on the ultimate product.
• Cleansing and maintaining the device.
• Training new staff on machine operation procedures.
• CNC development on any CAM Software’s for Switching and Milling center.
• Manual CNC Development experience in Maztrol control will be plus.
• Should have thorough trimming tools knowledge.
• Knowledge in interpreting drawing.
CNC Programmer Requirements:
• High school diploma or GED.
• Previous work experience as a CNC programmer.
• Ability to learn and interpret design blueprints.
• Extensive experience with computer modeling software.
• Strong focus on detail.
• Ability to work independently and adhere to a deadline.
• Ability to are a symbol of prolonged periods.
• Ability to lift heavy objects.
• Ability to work after-hours when necessary.
• ITI/DME in Mechanical/Manufacturing discipline
• 3-5 years of experience in carrying out similar job
• Able to become listed on immediately

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