Civil – MEP Engineer / Supervisor


We have been employing MEP engineer / supervisor for technical services function.

The next skills are needed:-

1. Preparing servicing schedules and allocate function
2. Employ and supervise tradesmen during installations, repairs, or upkeep (electricians, plumbers etc.)
3. Adding to the growth of maintenance spending budget and guarantee compliance
4. Receives and complete function orders to add records concerning time, components and labour for every task.
5. Supervising inventory of components and products
6. Taking part in coordination of tasks (electronic.g., renovations)
7. Ensuring to stick to quality health insurance and standards and security regulation.
8. Coordinating and attending web site meetings.
9. Coordinating with other groups and guarantees satisfactory completion of function.
9. Making certain both quality and the number of the working jobs come in line with Service Degree Agreements/KPIs.
10. Submitting regular operational reports according to management requirements.

UAE Driving Permit required.

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