Campden BRI testing proves HyGenikx kills airborne Coronavirus

Independent trials executed by Campden BRI possess verified that the HyGenikx surface and atmosphere sanitisation system, from UK producer Mechline Developments works well at getting rid of airborne Coronaviruses, which includes SARS-CoV-2 which in turn causes Covid-19. The total outcomes of the trials proved that HyGenikx removed around 99.99% of an airborne Covid-19 surrogate within 3 hours.*

These complete results back again up the real-life connection with our customers which includes Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL, proprietor of Café Spice Namasté who mentioned:

“HyGenikx has proven what it can do for us – keeping the fresh air and surfaces clean, fresh and pure, controlling odours and supplying additional reassurance for customers to allow them to relax and revel in their meal understanding that we have been leaving nothing to possiblity to make our eating place Covid-protected.”

Nick Falco Product & Specialized Director at Mechline clarifies the way the trials at Campden BRI proved helpful:

“Trials were carried out within the Campden BRI aerobiology laboratory to look for the efficacy of HyGenikx towards airborne Phi6 – a recognised SARS-CoV-2 Surrogate (the coronavirus that triggers COVID-19). Phi6 was nebulised into an aerobiology check chamber to represent contaminated air heavily. Air samples were used every 20 minutes for an interval of 3 hours after that, to determine degrees of Phi6.”

As we transfer to the winter a few months it is important to the whole economic climate that we keep carefully the doors of company open. Unfortunately, actually keeping the doors and windows open is not so excellent with regards to customer comfort and sustainability. Indoor quality of air, however, is really a primary driver with regards to the transmitting of the Coronavirus between individuals.

As a tested and tried technologies, HyGenikx includes a huge function to enjoy in controlling infections – actually HyGenikx is the many rigorously tested device of its type out there. Easy and affordable to set up, HyGenikx is really a plug and play remedy for a challenging planet.

HyGenikx devices consume very little power and operate and effectively 24/7 with no need for human being intervention quietly. The HyGenikx variety has models to match every continuing company from restaurants to pubs, hotels, care workplaces and houses – with specialised units designed for food preparation areas, cold areas, washrooms and refuse locations.

Cyrus Todiwala, OBE DL additional:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest HyGenikx to additional foodservice or hospitality companies as it may be the ideal enhance to manual cleaning. It can help to safeguard staff and customers, whilst extending the shelf lifestyle of fresh generate.” **

*For more info on the HyGenikx assessment at Campden BRI check out:

Find out about the Phi6 Surrogate and just why it is found in COVID-19 testing

**For more info on the ALS refreshing food shelf life research go to:


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