Busting 7 Common Facility Management Software Myths for Schools

In AkitaBox’s yrs of evolving facility administration software, we’ve run into some frequent school service management myths, with regards to utilizing facility management software program especially. As our K-12 specialist, I would like to tackle some of these persistent myths I hear about service management software in educational institutions, with regards to and AkitaBox Essentials especially. 

Myth #1 – Small schools don’t require facility management software program

  • Small schools have various problems than bigger districts certainly, however, many things in schooling are universal: The necessity to protect institutional information from strolling out the entranceway . The necessity for clean, secure, and operational college buildings. The task of dealing with paper slim budgets. You can argue a facility administration software is more very important to small college districts where staffs are usually smaller even, budgets tighter, and neighborhood spotlight brighter! 
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Myth #2 – Facility management software program isn’t affordable for institutions

Myth #3 – Software will just decelerate a good facilities group … it’s so difficult to use!

  • If you work with a legacy FM program, it can believe that way certainly. Facility management software ought to be designed and constructed so anyone may use it. As a previous teacher, I understand the pains and discouragement sensed by older workers when new technologies was put into their set of new what to learn. Trust me when I inform you… my 4th graders might use AkitaBox to include work orders, resources pins and assistance requests. I understand my older co-workers could handle it aswell!
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Myth #4 – Facility management software program is for the facilities group

  • I understand what you’re thinking. “It has to function as first confirmed one, After all ‘amenities’ is in the title!” Yet modern facility administration software offers advantages to multiple teams inside your district. The right system will enable IT, administrators, security, and food solutions teams to boost processes even, complete program requests, and track important assets. For instance, Since Una Crosse College District started making use of AkitaBox , their food delivery times have already been cut from several days to just a couple hours down.  
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