BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Data Science)

Our BSc Computer Technology (Data Science) degree targets constructing robust and useable techniques. Along with looking at leading edge techniques and tools, it’s designed to assist you to build another generation of software equipment that other program constructors use. The program aims to provide a well-integrated stability of theoretical underpinnings and working experience, informed simply by the study expertise of our educational staff strongly.

In the old age of the training course, you’ll have the choice to specialise and develop the abilities would have to be a information scientist. Specifically, you shall be capable of create and perform large-scale, repeatable information analyses grounded in statistical modelling. The word data science can be used interchangeably with huge data or information analytics often. It is becoming essential as large sums of complex academic progressively, business and government information are increasingly being generated from many online resources largely. This inflammation lake of information needs more and more skilled staff with the ability to analyse and seem sensible of it all. That subsequently requires that such employees be trained in the most recent techniques and abilities in data science.


Our Computer Technology (G400) diploma is accredited by BCS, the Chartered Institute for this with respect to the Engineering Council, completely meeting the academic requirement of Incorporated Engineer and meeting the academic requirement of a Chartered Engineer partially.

It’s accredited by BCS furthermore, the Chartered Institute for this with respect to the Technology Council for the educational requirement of registration as the Chartered Scientist.

Accreditation will be sought from the BCS because of this Data Science specialism.

The Dubai Campus is accredited by the data and Human Growth Authority (KHDA) and fully licensed to instruct its degrees in Dubai. All graduates get a British degree that’s certified by Royal Charter in the united kingdom.

Course content

Year 1

You shall protect basic programming skills, the development of apps for cellular devices, an introduction to personal computers, web site design, databases and discrete mathematics.

Year 2

You will continue with software style – both high-level architectural problems as well as information and algorithms structures. Other subjects are databases, hardware-software user interface, interaction design and much more advanced programming programs.

Year 3

You shall research topics such as for example artificial intelligence, communications, networking, os’s in addition to more formal areas of computing. You’ll undertake an organization programming project also.

Year 4

You shall research big data management, data mining and device learning, and either other advanced topics such as for example bio inspired computation, data analytics and visualization, network security. You’ll undertake a significant individual project in Information Science also.

More in-depth info on this content of the classes listed above, how they’re assessed and the training outcomes could be accessed via our present student portal.

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